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Door Dash Thieves

Dour Dash thieves Athens restaurant

At the end of this post, you might want to blame the restaurant but….

The Athens Family Restaurant, in Beaver, is having a problem with the Door Dash drivers taking meals that aren’t theirs.  Full story on KDKA-TV.  Seems that, when they come to pick up their orders, they see other orders sitting on the same window ledge and just take the extra orders.  The cool part is, the security cameras have captured it all.

You might say, tell the restaurant owners to not make it so easy for the thieves by putting the packages on the window ledge right next to the exit.  But, why is the onus on them?  Door Dashers, stop dashing with dishes that aren’t yours! Your killing the local restaurant who has to pay to remake the orders, YaJagoffs!

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