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Stop, Drop and Roll Deliveries

Had no idea that the go to pet company, Chewy, was so health conscious.  Guessing this is the new delivery technique where they leave products mega feet from the doorstep to support more consumer walking to get deliveries.

Wait a second, maybe it is some new pet discipline technique where pets are learning how to get their pet deliveries lots of steps away from their front doors.  But I am hedging my bet that the two Chewy boxes were just dropped pretty much outta the winda of the delivery truck because it was just easier for the driver.

I mean look at that placement, that is the result of a hurried driver just stopping, dropping and rolling.  If you are an average size shoe wearer, that is about 17 steps from the front door.  If you have bigger feet, and longer strides, perhaps less. Nonetheless, when did Chewy put a halt to at least stopping the vehicle to get out and place products on porches? I am thinking that simple process would take about an additional 42 seconds to complete the mission.  You know, the mission where the delivery driver places the boxes outside of the recipient’s door?

Chew on a new way to deliver, Chewy. Stop, place and roll, ya jagoff!



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