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Do We Need Auto-Driving Shopping Buggies?

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You know why there’s so much research on auto-driving cars?  Mainly because people SUCK at driving and therefore, we need to take the driving out of their hands.  You know why there are peeps that are paid to round up shopping carts, i.e. buggies? Because people suck at putting them back.

Oh wait! Maybe they, someone actually DROVE that cart to the grocery store and just did a bad job parking next to a fire hydrant which is probably illegal.  NOPE!

Jagoffery?  Yes…because we’re thinking that someone used this to get their groceries to the bus stop but.. now the grocery cart collector has to go and fetch this!!

Here’s to hoping that, the time you got what YOU needed while making everyone else work harder.

This is our new pitch for auto-driving shopping carts…YaJagoff!

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