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Cyber Monday Jagoffery

Cyber Monday Support

This is it…  Dr. Audrey Guskey told us that Black Friday sales would be down (on last week’s YaJagoff Podcast episode).  She also said many of you would be at work today looking for deals on work time.  And look at ya right now…. any guilt?  Not only are ya cyber-shopping, you’re reading a blog ABOUT cyber-shopping.

Do ya think that all of the Black Friday and Cyber Shopping commercials should be laced with those buffer messages like the casino ads?  “50% off, this, or that, 75% off before 3am and 25% more off if you are on of the 1 in 4,551 people that actually read our printed ad in that thing called the newspaper so come early and stay late…. SHOPPING PROBLEM?  Call 1-800-..blah …blah ..blah.”

By the way, research actually shows (at least our Institute of Jagoffery research shows) can be the start of a health kick….because it would seem that most people would give up their smoke breaks in order to shop on line!

In any event.. it’s Cyber Monday! We know that you’re working your smartphone on the desk, your tablet’s at your feet and you’re staring down at it (as if you’re thinking how to fix a work issue) trying to scroll with your toes and your keep pushing your work-computer mouse to keep the screensaver from coming up!

Next year… get this button on your computer!  It will helpful again in the spring for March Madness!!!

Get to work YaJagoffs!!

Feel free to order my book of Jagoff Stories as a stocking stuffer.

(Named as a finalist in USA Book Contest Humor Category)



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