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Criminal Hid in Laundry Basket .. But Not For Long

YaJagoff Blog Pittsburgh Podcast

This is the kind of story we LOVE at YaJagoff Headquarters.  As our jagoff staff scans the news, the look for stupid politicians, bad drivers, people being mean to others and… DING! DING! DING!… dumb criminals.

Here’s the (laundry) scoop! See what I did there?

Deputies said they broke down a locked door and spotted a pistol and butcher knife in a bedroom. Rettinger was found hiding beneath clothes in a full laundry basket, holding a backpack, according to court papers. See story

Haaa..hiding WITH a backpack.. was he the size of a Kentucky Derby jockey or was the laundry basket the size of a Sam’s Club shopping buggy? Oh wait, and of course his lady friend is arrested for hiding him from the police.. aka.. letting the laundry pile up!

He Ret, if we may call ya by your regularly-used prisoner name, good try hiding in a laundry basket. Seems like a cupboard or a get-away car would have been a better choice.  Do you happen to know why women harboring criminals was their favorite criminals in Tide this time of year?  Well.. get ready.. because it’s too cold OUT TIDE… YaJagoff!!!  Haaaaa.. haaaaa… snort.. haaa.. snort! Gimme a virtual pound on that one!



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