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Cool Jagoff Facebook Page Story

This is a special blog post about how AWESOME Pittsburghers are!!!!!!!!

The other day, we ran a make-a-comment contest on the Facebook page.  Winner was to get 4 tickets to tonight’s Pittsburgh Power Arena Football game.  The comments started and then, as you see above, Tony wrote a note about why he would like the tickets.  And THIS was when Pittsburghers showed their REAL colors!!!

As you can see, a bunch of people wanted the tickets but.. as soon as they saw Tony’s personal post, everyone said, “Give Tony the tickets!” etc, etc.

Well, Tony got the tickets for the Power game and we wish him and his daughter a wonderful time!!!

I just had to step out from the normal Jagoffery posts today and tell you this story… Pittsburghers are the bestest!!!!

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