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#YaJagoff Podcast

Construction Junction Function

February 8, 2021

Recycle, reuse and repeat, ya jagoff. The message is common among CJ partners like PRC and Off the Floor, to support and promote conservation through the reuse of building materials. The jagoffs added some culture with renowned steel panist Hilary and the marketing extraordinaire, Michele Burchfield, who may BEE starting a new water phenom.

Music: African American Music Institute, Hilary Borneo

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Steel City Craft Emporium

5: 13  Mike and Melissa

Mike and Melissa are THE power duo for reusing materials of all kinds at Construction Junction. From transitioning a shabby to chic table and chairs, to accepting two by fours without nails, an inventory text line to the famous The Steel City Big Pour, they have it all to make sustainable standout, even with a CJ jagoff t-shirt coming your way! 

22:20 Hilary

Carnegie Mellon alum, and renowned pianist, Hilary brings his steelpan skills while shedding a note on how he started when he was 8 years old. With jazz on steel, Hilary gives the ultimate tropical vibes from Trinidad. If you ever need a steelpan fixed, take a vacation to Trinidad, it’s the best place in the world for steelpans.

31:25 Sarah (PRC)

Don’t be a litterbug, ya jagoff! Sarah from Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) talks enabling recycling, diverting waste, and how the PRC collaborates with just about everyone in the Burgh region to educate for greener side of the grassroot nonprofit. 

44:41 Bob

Bob Myers from Off The Floor Pittsburgh has provided furniture for those in need since 2004. Tables, chairs, dressers, beds… you name it! They focus on fixing up, interior design, and giving away donated items to help others make their houses into homes in the most inspiring ways. Always remember, two plaids don’t necessarily go together! 


53:49 Michele

Founder/CEO of Blume HoneyWater Michele high fives and hydrates the jagoffs with her line of water that has reached down the east coast. From beer to bees, she talks about her passion of gardening that has fueled a sustainable lifestyle through three flavors of water: citrus vanilla, wild blueberry, and ginger zest. Use the Yajagoff20 code and snag a discount!

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