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Hockey Jagoffs

Cash Only – That’s All That Needs Said

I’m runnin’ to the kid’s hockey game. We’re late of course and once again we’re gonna eat healthy – at an ice-rink SNACK SHOP!

The kid goes to the locker room and the rest of us get ready to dine – 2 soft pretzels, 2 nachos with hot peppers, 2 slices of pizza that’s been under a light for the past 4 hours, 4 drinks (diet cuz we wanna be health conscious) and 1 More-Brown-Than-Not banana.  The price is relatively equal to a dinner at the Capital Grille but who cares – hunger knows no price!

I pull out my debit card and BOOM!!!!  The cashier points to the sign, CASH ONLY.

I was SHOCKED but my context clue shoulda been the girl in the back taking inventory on an abacus.

Hey Bladerunners, the year is 2011, there’s lotsa technology out like push button phones, VHS and Beta video tapes and DEBIT CARDS!!!!   If yer gonna post “No Outside Food/Beverages Permitted” signs, howzabout upgrading from that Commodore 64 computer technology, steppin’ into the 1980’s and figurin’ aht how to accept this new swiping-plastic-card-thingy, YA JAGOFFS!

(I wasn’t sure to be sad cuz we were still  hungry OR be evil-Riddler-like happy that the cokes and food had to be tossed/put back cuz I didn’t have cash.)

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