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Hockey Jagoffs

Capitals Fans – Why WOULDN’T They Be Jagoffs

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Jagoff General’s WARNING: This video has some swearing up front

then just some INSANELY TERRIBLE Dancing!

Just like the “douche-bag” Captain Ovechkin, these guys are TRYING to be famous!   They are trying to do the “DOUGIE Dance” and they look like someone should have some anti-seizure medication ready.  It’s more of the “Douch-ie Bag Dance.”

The only thing that would make this better would be to have David Steckel skate through the shot and give a blind-sided headshot to one of these guys -giving them a career changing concussion.  Oh wait!  Steckel doesn’t do that kind of thing.

Boys, go show this video to yer parents, and then have them sue the adult that bought you yer first case of beer that caused you to act like this.  MAYBE then you’ll get famous, YA JAGOFFS!

(Note: Let’s consider this our “Sidney Crosby Is Skating Again” post!)

Thanks to @coachanthony79 (his website here), Honorary Jagoff Catcher, for submitting this Jagoff Video!

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