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BurghNosh’s Favorite Pittsburgh Restaurants

Sometimes it really is… all in a name. My story is somewhat of a Cinderella story too.

I have been a true foodie all my life and never realized it until I became an adult. I grew up with the opportunity to try new foods around the world and was encouraged to partake in new experiences. When I found myself in college in Pittsburgh, I fell in love with the food scene and never turned back or went home. But BurghNosh does not even start there. After having a child and needing a creative outlet, BurghNosh was born as an ode to Pittsburgh (Burgh) and an ode to my food-loving parents (Nosh).

What started out as a simple hobby has quite recently turned into a brand-new career where I cover all things food from caviar to gas station hotdogs and I love all food equally! My new adventure and full-time job have become helping local restaurants and businesses market themselves as well as sharing what makes them special to the digital world! I wanted to share via these photos some of my beloved spots around the city that I believe are the essence of the growing Pittsburgh food scene!

Favorite Pittsburgh Restaurants

1. Grande Jr.’s Pizza: Their buffalo chicken pie is next level; I have eaten a lot of buffalo pie in my life! Outside the city, however it is worth the drive!

2. Merchant Oysters: When you want to feel like you are eating the best fresh oysters at the beach- but then you remember you are stuck in a Pittsburgh snowstorm.


3. Poulet Bleu: Quintessential French dining that has mastered the classics!

4. Scarpino’s: Relatively new spot that opened during the pandemic that focuses on using really (really) good ingredients to recreate classic comfort dishes.

5. Oak Hill Post: Voted one of the best spots in Pittsburgh, this classic sandwich spot effortlessly pairs fun creative ingredients for deliciousness.

6. Mediterra Café/Mt. Lebanon: I cannot get enough of the gorgeous creations whether they be drinks or small plates.


7. Franktuary: I almost made my IG page exclusively about hot dogs! I love the endless ways to top your dog at this spot and will usually make mine over the top!

Elyse Levkulich

Elyse Levkulich is the Social Media & Content Manager at Dickerson Creative Communications in Pittsburgh, PA where she creates content for local businesses as well as graphic design work for various social media platforms. After graduating Carlow University with a fine arts degree, she has settled down in the outskirts of the city where she also does solo work for her own growing brand, BurghNosh.

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