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Hockey Jagoffs

Bump The Drunk Bus Driver, Bring In Mike Milbury!


So we had Mr. Drunk school bus driver slated for today but, NHL hockey announcer, Mike Milbury, started mucking and grinding in the media corners yesterday and rose to the level of “Breaking Jagoff News” today.  (Mr. Drunk bus driver will be here tomorrow.)

So, some of you may not be hockey fans and having two hockey related posts in a row might be killing you.  But, if you don’t take kindly to people dis’ing Pittsburgh, this post is right on target.

Yesterday’s post talked about the craziness of the last Pens vs. Flyers game.  ALSO yesterday, unemployed hockey coach/administrator turned NBC NHL announcer (cuz nobody else will hire him), Mike Milbury, did a phone interview with a Philly radio station about the last Pens vs. Flyers game.  During that interview, Milbury says that Pens coach Dan Bylsma needed to “take off his skirt” because he didn’t become unprofessional and jump over the boards to fight the Philly coach on Saturday.  Milbury then says “Crosby is a punk,” and makes fun of Crosby’s “35 concussions.”  You can watch/listen to the video below from KDKA’s Bob Pompeani.

One of our favorite parts of this interview??  The knucklehead-cheese-steak-eating talk show hosts that seem to have nothing intelligent to say, other than their cigarette-smoker laugh, like Beavis and Butthead, when Milbury says (about Crosby) “SCREW HIM!”   (Henh, henh…..henh, henh He said SCREW!)

As a quick side note, we put this on Twitter and Facebook yesterday but thought we should mention it here too…

Due to the “fight potential” of the upcoming Pens/Flyers rematch on Saturday, the Penguins have signed noted enforcer Ken Melani to a 1 game contract.

Back to our man Milbury.  It’s well known that Mike Milbury, as a hockey coach/administrator was a total failure.  His NHL reporting, is about the same but he continues to get paid and now seems to be carving himself a circus-personality like Hockey Night In Canada’s infamous Don Cherry.

Hey Mike DINGLEbury, keep up the good work.  With the kind of credibility you’re building, you might soon be promoted to selling balloon-busting-darts with a traveling carny group, “3 darts for a buck!”  In the meantime, since you seem to idolize Canada’s outlandish Don Cherry, we thought we should put our Draw Something app to work to HELP your image, YA JAGOFF!!

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