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Back to School Shopping Jagoffery

BTS Jagoffery? (Back to School for the Acronym Challenged)

The 4th of July is the epitome of the Summer party. It is colorful and loud and unpredictable–its in with a bang and then gone. And then what happens?  July 5 is referred to as the beginning of the end of summer and the inevitable happens. I walk into my happy place, Target, and every firework decoration and patriotic novelty is off the shelves. Small orange clearance stickers pop up on a misfit shelf of mish-moshed stuff relating to the firework holiday. It is the retail rigmarole! That’s the time when one holiday’s hoopla is put out way in advance and then taken down and discounted the day after.  Sometimes a made up needed holiday is inserted. That’s where we are now. There is a huge lull until Labor Day…so what does retail-topia do? Insert Back To School mania!

It’s a retail-roping dream. It even forced teachers to create needed lists for students to prepare for school. What happened to the trapper keeper, some notebooks, maybe a novelty one to strike a conversation, a few colored folders to decipher classes, pencils, a case and the trendy bag?! Nope. Now it’s a strategic and detailed agenda decided by grade. It’s a holiday. It’s a made up hoopla holiday whose commercials interrupt summer programming like Americas Got Talent and Ninja Warrior.  The worst part is we have all of August for Target competitors to begin. In other words, KMart, WalMart, Walgreens and any other marts or wals will begin campaigning and parading their paper products and supplies.

We should be used to the retail rigmarole- Christmas turns to Valentines Day by December 20 and late February, with snow on the ground,  St. Patrick’s Day blends into welcoming spring. Finally, Memorial Day items kickstart the slew of patriotic holidays and voila! Back to School interrupts like the repetitive kid tugging on his moms skirt for a lollipop. Summer comes to a screeching halt. Thanks #BTS–”tis the season Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to Rachael Rennebeck for the Guest Blog Post today!

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