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Bike Jagoffs

Bicycling Jagoffery

I get it.  Some of you might be against the bike lane concept.  But, it is part of the future.. what the younger generations (whatever letter they are, X, Y, XX, YY, ZZ) want.  They are here so, we should abide by them.

But then, sometimes, there isn’t a bike lane to use so the bike has to blend in to the flow of traffic.  OK! We can “share the road!” But what happens when maybe I can’t see ya?  How can I share the road with someone/something I don’t even know is there?

Cycler… in traffic, at night, dark helmet, dark clothes and zero reflective material sitting directly behind a dark car. Thank GAWD for the Jagoffestrator arrow pointing the bike out!

Seriously, you don’t have one piece of reflective clothing?  All the money that you saved by NOT having a car and you couldn’t even  purchase one of those weird firefighter helmets that have the flashing light on the top… or even a Costco gross of glow sticks?  Hell… those are on sale all year around until Halloween! You can get a case of 4,000,000 of them for about 8 cents (Don’t fact check that!) this time of year.

Hey Bike-Mike…if you’re gonna ride in traffic at night and you don’t want an accidental air-bike routine from someone not being able to see you, well…it’s easy…. where some #@$!#$!#$$#!@$^%#^!#$!$#!$#!!$#!#$!#$!!#$!#%$^%$@^%#&!$!#$!#$!##%$^%&%&!$%!!^!^$!# reflective material, Ya Jagoff!

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