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Bellevue Streets are the Cleanist

Jagoff Pic of Bellevue Streets

Rach appreciates non-jagoffs in Bellevue!

I’ve seen weathered streets, like discolored concrete and broken up. But what constitutes dirty?  I mean obviously Southside in its prime after the first official weekend of summer. Downtown Pittsburgh after a St. Patrick’s Day party that lasted too long, sure. We won’t even bring up any street from Rooney Way to the boondocks after a Chesney concert. But One word, one little borough, one community has established street cleaning as their thing. Bellevue. 

If you are real jagoff, and you follow us jagoffs, you know that we solve the world’s problems every morning by walking the little community that unites our neighborhoods. Yep, John and Rachael leave Ross Township and Brighton Heights to walk about 5 miles of Bellevue and Avalon. We can honestly tell you that during our sidewalk strategy talk, for about an hour and a half, we will see some stretch of area being cleaned and no exaggeration when we tell you every day.  

It is such a common place for Bellevue and Avalon peeps that one street cleaner stops as to not accidentally kick up debris in our overheated faces during our walk. The other, doesn’t know us by name, but he waves regularly as I think we are known as the jagoff sidewalk strategists. Yeah, we will go with that. 

 There’s really nothing for which to call them out except the rest of us are literally left in the dust. I can attest that Brighton Heights and Ross Township are not getting that kind of clean street treatment. So how do we bribe this clean team? And do not suggest some wild party that pollutes the street. It is the midst of Covid 19, plus we are responsible and upstanding people, ya Jagoffs! 

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