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Be More Aware of the Rear?

yajagoff podcast jagoff jagoffs

Any car, make or model, from like 2010  up has some kind of sensory something.

Bing: buckle in. Bing: someone is walking near your door. Bing: there is a french fry on your floor…..and nothing reminded this person that the hatch was high?

Furthermore, how was there not a breeze from the back? A little chill in the back of the car? We actually tried to tell the driver as he pulled out of the post office…your junk is gonna fall outta your trunk! But we were much kinder.

Luckily, the driver was a slow go and became aware of what was happening in the rear, just before approaching route 65. We like to think we were good samaritan jagoffs. Maybe car noise designers should make the bings louder to help drivers? Bing louder, ya jagoff!

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