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Back in Mercer County!

It’s like there’s something in the air because we keep coming back!

Join John and me for our third venture up north to the beautiful Mercer County with all its quaint, unique, and tidy little shops that seem to jump off the side of the road and yank you through the front door! After stopping and snagging a few donuts n’at’ from the Apple Castle (check out our last Where Ya At if you missed it) we worked our way to Hermitage to see our latest stops! You never need to leave East State Street.   

If clothes of the highest quality are what piques your interest, then look no further than Diane’s Boutique on 2944 East State Street. With walls laced with beautiful shades of beige and a stylish logo, the boutique which also has a second location in New Castle is stocked with knowledge, experience, and distinctive styles from Diane’s 50+ years in the industry. Her son, Christian, also knows his way around the store and gives fashion tips galore! If you’re looking for something stylish, affordable, and to support a small business, make sure to stop by and find something beautiful for Mom, your sister, or a loved one. Don’t forget to tell them who sent ya!   

Everybody loves an eccentric vegetable but Hermitage’s Happy Eggplant is in a league of its own! Carrying a wide assortment of almost any kitchen gadget, appliance, tool, or seasoning you could possibly conceive, the Happy Eggplant is your one-stop holiday shop for all your at-home chefs and cooks on the rise! With products lining the walls, the two of us could have spent all day looking through the store and plenty of products caught our eyes! Whether it was the sunglasses with a bottle opener attached or a pizzelle iron (our favorite Christmas cookie,) Pamella has every odds and ends you could think of! So stop in, look around, find what’s been missing from your kitchen shelves this holiday season by visiting their storefront at 1550 East State Street in Hermitage today.  

Shackets are in season and if you need to purchase one or find out what it even is, stop by Trendy’s or visit them online at With a rotating floor and online catalog, changing to fit the season and stay up to date on the state of fashion, Trendy is the perfect spot to find the right style for anybody (no matter how picky!) We talked with their intern, Destiny, and she was so insightful about materials, fabrics, and more than anything, how to dress. C’mon, make your way to 3642 East State Street and shop until you drop!  

With the way these winter storms are starting to rip through the city, we don’t know where the wind might take us! So, until next time yinz. And Happy Holidays from us and the team!  

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