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Aunt Marie’s 100th 

September 15, 2020

John and Rachael’s help celebrate Aunt Marie’s 100th birthday, and who else to celebrate anything 100 than the Heinz History Center’s President and CEO, Andy Masich, who ‘Doc Brown’s us to the Roaring ’20s Plus, Amy Mauk of Entercom walks us through the first broadcast and some trivia ala KDKKA they too are 100. Relive some #MarieMoments and enjoy it 100 times!

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Question of the Day

What would you want a 100 of?


Fire Hydrant Faux Pas

Santonio Holmes events

Eat N Park Smiles

Glass Factory

Maz Day

5:28 Andy Masich

The President and CEO of the Senator John Heinz History Center, paints the picture of what Pittsburgh looked like the year that Aunt Marie was born at the beginning of the Roaring 20s. Cars? Horses? Football or baseball teams? He finishes with a virtual serenade our honored centenarian.

29:44 Amy Mauk

Regional Director of Events and Promotions for Entercom takes us back to election day, November 1920. The first commercial radio broadcast featured the election returns. And what was the deal they had with a southside store to play records?

45:25 Marie Carcara

is our honored guest for this episode. She walks us down memory lane as she talks about how she snagged her hubby, her favorite foods, and, of course, the dancing lessons she gave regularly at age 95.

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