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Go to the Glow Before it Turns Off: 3 Days Left of the Asian Lantern Festival 

As you carve and set out your Jack-o-lanterns this week, be sure to also see the glow and galore of what the Asian Lantern Festival has to offer at the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium through Saturday, October 30, 2021. Walk and witness in awe of the handcrafted magic that includes larger-than-life lantern animals, a towering butterfly tree, the sparkle of color-blasted lights, and more. 

Photo courtesy via Christy Miller, Facebook

Pittsburgh is known for the warmth of Light Up Night in winter, the crash and crackle of fireworks over PNC Park during its summer days, and now, the unforgettable glimmer of the Asian Lantern Festival as it has soared in popularity this fall. Cloud-walk with a fiery red, illuminated dragon that scales the winding path of the Zoo and venture forth with other lit surprises around each bend. 

Photo courtesy via Christy Miller, Facebook

Bedazzling and bright, the festival runs for only three more days, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Reserving tickets are becoming scarce, and you don’t want to miss out on the eye-catching, curious, and spellbinding luminosity that has brought joy to visiting Pittsburghers and their families.

Photo courtesy via Christy Miller, Facebook

The outdoor event and is available for timed entries between 6:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Because of its popularity, the drive-thru portion of the festival is now sold out, but patrons can reserve tickets for the walk-thru experience by purchasing tickets here

Here are important walk-thru ticket guidelines to keep in mind from the Pittsburgh Zoo: All guests over the age of 2 must purchase tickets. Most indoor buildings are closed, though guests have access to restrooms and Water’s Edge. Food, drinks, and gifts are available for purchase at kiosks. Regional cultural performers rotate nightly. Once at the festival, you have as long as you want to look at the beauty and brilliance of it all. Visit the Walk-Thru Asian Lantern Festival Information to get the full details of the show-stopping experience.

Photo courtesy via Christy Miller, Facebook

The Pittsburgh Zoo prides itself on building bridges of opportunity that shine a light on conservation, community, and culture. Discover interactive light-ups that include anything and everything in between of a bustling and radiant peacock, flowing schools of bedazzled fish, colossal rhinos, and a gleaming octopus with tentacles of reaching tenacity that make great group photos and memories for all. Be sure to get your tickets online as they will be cheaper AND guarantee an entry into the zoo’s lanterns and other illuminations. No need to bring a parking chair to reserve a spot, ya jagoff- get last week’s tickets now!

Photo courtesy via Christy Miller, Facebook



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