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Airport Sell-off

YaJagoff Airport Auction

OK. We have all left a phone or maybe a wallet somewhere.  Usually, we back track or use a phone-finder app and are relieved when we retrieve that important item.

Well, the Pittsburgh International Airport just had an auction of items left at the airport. See full article by Scott Tady of the Beaver County Times.  

Some pretty common items such as canes, glasses, iPad, suitcases and umbrellas were left behind which seem somewhat reasonable. But, things like cars, dumb bells and a mandolin were available.  A mandolin?  Do you not show up at your destination, hoping to play your mandolin and say to yourself, “Oh my, where’s my mandolin? I have nothing to play!”  And a car? Do you think there’s someone out there still walking through various parking lots clicking their remote trying to figure out where they left their car?

Looks like we found a way to dispose of many unwanted items without paying the “take my junk away” companies… just pretend to take your stuff on a trip and leave it at the airport!!!!  Wait, don’t do that .. because, if caught, you will probably say you read it on the internet and blame us!  Bottom line is, stop leaving your @#%~ at the airport but, if you do, leave something of value like a Starbucks gift card or a few loaves of Mancini’s Bread… Ya Jagoffs!

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