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Airport Seating Jagoffery

airport jagoffs

Airports seem to be operating at pre-Covid levels and, commensurate with that, airport jagoffery seems to be at pre-Covid levels as well.

This is just like when you’re driving around in a full parking garage and you hurry up and make a sharp turn to beat the car coming the other way into that one, last parking spot annnnnnnnnd…..there’s a short little baby car in that spot that you didn’t see!

The situation… we’re about the get on a plane that has about as many seats as my dining room table.  So, there are about that many seats at this gate in Detroit Airport.  So it was interesting to watch how many people, looking for a seat, walked up from behind this guy…all excited that they could get the last seat and boom!  Here’s my man working on his computer blocking the seat with his computer box.

Go ahead, get your work done…watch your movies… program the next angry birds or accounting software, but, can ya be a little more courteous with your computer box? And, by the way, who in theeeee hell carries their computer around in the box that it came it?  If ya still have any of the First Communion money, marbles, frogs and Chuck E Cheese tickets that you used to buy your computer, ya might want to consider investing in a laptop bag… one that can sit comfortably on the floor, Ya Jagoff!

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