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A Pancake Panic #PeterParkers Pic

Mary MAc Podcast Jagoff blog post

We throw our hands up! Western Pa-ers just don’t know how to park… or even worse.. don’t CARE about parking and being considerate of others.

This pic was sent to us from our friend Mary Mac of the Mary Mac Bakehouse and podcast! She took this while they were going for some pancakes. Was there a run on pancakes that morning?  It’s like we always say, on Sundays, all of the church people go sing and pray together and then go completely psycho to battle like mad to get outta the church parking lot and get the closest spot at the local brunch place.

Mary is the bestest, most considerate person and, for HER to call you out…well, you’ve done wrong to the earth!

And to whomever parked this car, pay more attention but…FYI… if you were in a panic to get the last batch of Mary Mac’s cinnamon buns, well then, we would completely give you a pass… YaJagoff!

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