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A Little Jag Brag from Jagged Little Pill

Jagged Little Pill Pittsburgh YaJagoff

Consider this a #FanJag post because last night’s premiere of Jagged Little Pill was more than ironic, don’t ya think? And we told Heidi!

I was in college when Alanis Morissette hit her queendom with a slew of  angst-induced songs.  She gave us the green light to not be okay with whatever it was we weren’t okay with, then and now. Who knew that her emotional lyrics and unique sound would create a story played on stage resonating with so many? For me, the pressure of motherhood, success, life balance is real and the Mary Jane character could have been me…relax, minus the drug addiction. But that too is more real than people realize.

But you live, you learn, you cry, you learn, you lose, you learn. So we had to tell Ms. Heidi (Mary Jane) just how inspiring she was, and she liked it! Yep, we are spending the day gloating that she liked our comment. That is it, a little “jagbrag thanks to the Cultural Trust.  Thanks for the stellar performance, ya jagoff! (Meant as a term of endearment of course!)

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