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A Jersey Journey Jagoff

Ghost Rider Jagoff

Sometimes we feel like we owe our fellow yinzers a good ol’ Western PA point out. Sometimes it is numbered road rage or just a parking sitch gone wrong.  If you agree then understand that good samaritan effort translates to trips also.

So while in New Jersey, sitting patiently behind a UHaul, we grew quickly impatient because it literally didn’t move. A minute turned to two, and then three, and then we started to beep and nothing. There was no light, no stop sign, in fact I think we were at one of those round abaht thingies where you just merge out of nowhere? If you have been to Jersey ya know what I mean!

As I looked closer, the door was open and no one was in it.  Like I am talking it was basically parked with the door opened as if the driver had to stop and ask for directions or something and just left the UHaul.  Just right there on the shoulder, that somehow turns into a turning lane on a highway if you are Jersian. Get back inyour UHaul and turn, or just drive, ya jagoff!


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