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Hey! Now That Traffic Is Snarled, Anyone Wanna Coffee?

If you’re the type of jagoff who is always running late like we are, orange cones, barrels and lane closure signs are all good indicators that its gonna be a looooooooong morning… Unless of course you enjoy starting your day with a brain aneurysm!

Sitting in bumper-to-bumper morning rush hour traffic is one of the most frustrating things a person can go through despite how many years you’ve been doing it. But throw in some construction and.. well…yeah..James Harrison kind of mean-ness starts.

As you and a few hundred of your closest friends (all just as irritated as you) inch your way toward those flashing yellow lights the anger builds. After what feels like a life time, you finally get to the front of the mess, the “work” area, to see a bunch of , well, ummmm.. you know, in reflective vests jag’n around… hands in their pockets… doing absolutely nothing.

When we saw this group of “workers,” anger gave way to humor as we started to imagine the gathering of these great intellects and the conversation that must be going on to keep over half a dozen “workers” away from their work. Maybe a game of rock, paper, scissors, shoot to decide who will go to get coffee and donuts, or maybe there was something shiny on the ground and one had to call all his buddies over to check it out.

Come to think of it, maybe these “workers” just hate traffic as much as the rest of us and they were just killing time waiting for it to die down before they head home for the day. Please get back to work so the rest of us can too. YA JAGOFFS!

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