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Driving Jagoffs

What’s A Jagoff Stack?

In case you are new here, or you don’t remember, we started this thing only posting on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  However, submissions have been abundant, which means we’re pretty much going to post all 5 days each week.  (We truly appreciate all of the email submissions.) 

This post was easy.  We’re now coining a new phrase, a”Jagoff Stack” …a bunch of Jagoffs witnessed in one drive to work!  Here was the Facebook post:

Here is my rant for today – If you are driving 45 in the passing lane – MOVE.  Just because you turn on your turn signal – it does NOT mean that I need to stop and let you in, TAKE YOUR TURN.  I have waited in line behind these other horrible drivers for my turn – wait for yours.  If the light turns yellow and you are halfway through the intersection – KEEP GOING.  Do NOT slam on your brakes and then expect to back up because I am NOT moving.  Put down your phone, coffee, and make up….

Wow!!! Seems like the kind of day you should just call in sick, turn the car around and head back home.  Then again, with the way this is all going, you’d probably get home and find a garbage truck broken down in front of your driveway and the gas company digging up your front yard!!

To the person driving 45MPH in the fast lane (and there a bunch of you), those little thingies on the side of the car and at the top center of the windshield are called mirrors.  If you used them, you would see a line of cars, longer than a mob boss funeral lined up behind you.  And to the person who stops in the middle of the intersection when the light turns yellow, we will be looking for you during Christmas Shopping Season near one of the any malls… cuz we guarantee YOU will be one of those people who just HAS to get through the light and ends up blocking crossing traffic.

And finally, the people that really DO drive while holding a coffee, talking on a cell phone while putting on their make-up, we’re always anxious to see someone stop short in front of you so that, when you slam on your brakes, you look like Marc Andre Fleury during the Mustache Man drill- spinning in your seat, screaming, with your hands and legs fluttering trying to figure out if you’re saving your coffee, your cell phone or etching lipstick up the side of your face.

Either way, the last line of this Facebook rant says it all, “drive your car and get out of my way, Ya JAGOFFS!!!!”

Thanks to Facebook follower and now, Honorary Jagoff Catcher, Beth Wolfe for this post!!

Note: As many of you know, the proceeds of our “Don’t Be A Jagoff” T-shirts go to Magee Women’s Research Institute for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Research.  Our first $1,000 was sent in last month.  During October, Nana Cat’s Soy Candles offered to ALSO give 10% of candle sales to the same benefit.  Yesterday, Nana Cat’s Soy Candles made their donation on behalf of Ya Jagoff followers.  BE SURE to go like their Facebook page HERE.

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