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Inanimate Jagoffs

The “Toast Whisker-er” Jagoff!

Toast Jagoffs

Some people eat Mini-Wheats, some eat bacon and eggs, some eat hoagies, cold pizza and some of us eat toast for breakfast.  And clearly someone else in my house eats toast too but forgets to clean their toast crumbs off of the butter.

Is this the same person that leaves tooth paste scum in the sink?

Is it the same person that leaves their dirty dishes in the sink which, by the way, is 18.5 inches away from the front of the dishwasher that opens rather easily?

Is this the same person that thinks the clothes dryer is their closet to live out of vs pulling the clothes out so that someone else can use the dryer?

All that I know is that, I eat my toast before I shower and shave and I HATE it when the butter looks like it has whiskers and needs a shave in the morning worse than I do, Ya Jagoffs!

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