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New Horror Movie: “Bare Feet on a Plane!”

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What is it with people thinking it’s OK to get on a plane and get comfy like they’re in their own living room….shoes off, socks off, blanket, neck-pillow thingy?

The comment that was posted with this pic, originally, on Facebook was perfect:

Apparently, Fred Flintsone is on this flight!

Said perfectly! So I took the liberty of using the “Jay Caulfield Approved” Jagoffestrator to add the little Freddy plane to the photo and highlights! (Pretty obvious that  I was a 3rd grade art class prodigy, huh?)

But seriously, you can’t go 3 hours without kicking off your shoes?  Do ya have a Fireplace App on your phone that you can run and maybe some wood-burning-scented hand cream that you can bring out too??

Hell… why don’t you bring a set of blow-up feet that you can lay on the floor and play flirty-plane-footsies with so that you can make us all feel EVEN MORE uncomfortable.

If you’re thinking, “So what!” If he was wearing sandals, it would be the same thing!”  To that I say, “Men should NEVER, EVER, EVER expose their feet in public!” In reality, nobody should be exposing their toes!  There are very, few sets of public-worthy toes in this world!

Secondly, yeah, if this person DID have sandals on, at least the toe-jams would have had a chance to air out before boarding vs. taking one’s shoes off ON the closed-up plane and everyone having put up with something that smells like you soaked your feet in a mixture of onion-juice and vinegar for 24-hours prior to boarding!

This ain’t no (wait for it) TOE TRUCK!!!!  (I was a 3rd grade class clown prodigy too!) So keep your shoes on.

You’re on an airplane not at home on your iced-tea-stainedpotato-chips-and-pretzels-and-poptart-crumb-between-the-cushions couch, Ya Jagoff!!

Thanks Eric Schmidt for the photo and being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher for this post!




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