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Driving Jagoffs

CURBy Puckett Driving?


The Instagram message with this photo was:

Apparently there wasn’t enough room to turn.

Haaa…. imagine the sound that made?  Probably sounded just like it did when Christopher Columbus suddenly ran aground on to Plymouth Rock.

I wonder if the driver said, “Jeeeeezus H. Kaaaaryste they gotta fix these potholes!”  Also wondering if their wisdom teeth shook outta their gums as the second tire went over the bump.  Either way, this driver’s trying to… (wait for it).… curb their enthusiasm for driving!!  (My apologies for that)

Yesssss…I know, Christopher Columbus didn’t hit ground at Plymouth Rock but… but he didn’t know that he didn’t either! And this driver, just as disoriented as the sailing Christopher Columbus only HE had an entire ocean and no maps.  This driver?  Had 20 feet to navigate and couldn’t figure out a clear pathway.

Hey CURBy Puckett, looks like you better head back to big-rig school and refresh:  when you’re driving something THAT looooooong, ya gotta remember to swing waaaaaaaaay out the left before ya turn right, Ya Jagoff!


Thanks to @kflaherty86 on Instagram for being the Honorary Jagoff Catcher for today’s blog post.

Harvest Tasting Tickets Winner!

Yesterday, on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we ran a contest to share information about this weekend’s Harvest Tasting.

The winner of the 2 tickets is Erin Maloney

Erin, email us at YaJagoff (at) Verizon (dot) net Subject Line: Harvest Tasting


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