Yakkin’ With YaJagoff – The Paint Monkey Peeps

It’s Wednesday.  Time for new Yakkin’ with YaJagoff episodes!

We are yakkin’ with MaryLou and Joe of the Paint Monkey biz in Cranberry and Lawrenceville.  Drinking and painting…. what could go wrong?  Nothing but good stuff results actually.

Special thanks to the Pittsburgh Tweetup peeps for letting us barge in on their event.

Click on the Paint Monkey’s logo right now and book a time to go.


As always, thanks to 321Blink for the Production

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Frigerator Jagoffery


This stuff makes me angry…. I mean like UPMC hates Highmark (or Highmark hates UPMC), still-sooooo-mad -that-the-Patriots-one-the-Super-Bowl level of angry.

And the situation could be fixed with a simple sheet of plastic wrap or one of the used take-out container that we’ve been hording for the last 13 years.  But noooo…we just have to put stuff in the fridge open because, for some apparent reason, we are trying to study the process of fossilizing food.

I am fairly certain that,when this happens in the summer, our neighbors close their windows and turn their air conditioners on, NOT to protect themselves from the heat but, because our windows are open and they don’t want to gag from the dead-corpse fumes that are emitted each time we open up our refrigerator door.

I think you can actually smell this if you lean forward and press your nose on to the screen.

(I was kidding…if you are now wiping nose-oil off of your screen, please write me and submit yourself for a potential blog post)

So to the “secret evil elves” in my house who are leaving these items in our fridge, know this: We have a kitchen drawer that overflows with unmatched plastic containers and lids… so full that the lids fall out on the floor and the containers sometimes get stuck on the bottom of the drawer above it and you can’t open it..kind of full.  Maybe if ya’d use one of THOSE containers our “frigerator” won’t smell like garlic-mustard-chocolate-hot-pepper-cheddar-Parmesan-onion-old-tube-sock-turkey-stuffing, Ya Jagoffs!

What the Groundhog Has to Say


Worse than the Steelers not being in the Super Bowl was the Patriots.. well… Brady and Belichick specifically…won another Super Bowl.  What makes it even MORE WORSER is the fact that the Seahawks were 2 yards away from beating the Patriots… thusly throwing Tom Brady and his 2 interceptions and Bill Belichick and his hoodies into football lure for just not being able to finish again.

Pretty sure that the entire area of Western Pennsylvania could be heard, in unison, yelling “YA SUNZABITCHES.”

Seattle coaching staff… you have a guy that runs like a Monster Truck!  What in THEEEE hell were you thinking?  How selfish of your play-calling to make Steelers fans have to endure Brady and Belichick sporting rings, Ya Jagoffs?