Pirates Opening Day – 2015


Well….it’s here!  And despite working out, i.e: yoga, tabida, practicing sucking nacho cheese off of my fingers…  trying to take care of myself during the pre-season , I have a @#$#ing head cold!

I have searched the PNC Park website to see if I can take in a ShopVac vacuum.  It seems to be the only way that I can keep my sinuses clear.  And, despite what it looks like when I use it, its not all that uncomfortable  when I stick the thing up my nasal passages.

Either way, we’re headed to the game (Thanks Alka Seltzer Cold Medicine.)  We’re playing the Detroit Tigers…”Pirates and Tigers and BEERS, oh my!”

In the meantime, feel free add comments below on other ways to not be an Opening Day Jagoff.

Pittsburgh Earth Day – April 22nd, Market Square


April 22nd


Market Square


So, are ya gonna be there?  Keep watching for these videos and other Earth Day Jagoffery posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

Now go watch the 5 episodes of Pittsburgh Captain Planet
Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6


Big thanks to Pittsburgh comedians Collin Chamberlin, Matt Light, Andy Picarro and Ray Zawodni for the creative juices and beer!

Alligator in the Mon River



Can you ever imagine being the person at VisitPgh or, wherever, who brought up in a meeting one day, “Ya know what we need to spark some fun around here?  A humongous rubber duck to sit around in the river.”

At that point you can just imagine all of the co-workers around the meeting table backing away from the table waiting for lightning to hit, some of them giving their “He’s not gonna be here by the end of the month” snickers and others fanning themselves.   And then the boss says, “That’s a FANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNTASTIC idea!” then all of the co-workers start high-fiving, yelling “hell yeah!” and acting like they had never sold the idea person down the river.

Well, maybe that is what the Mon Valley is doing here?

Yesterday, there were 2 alligator sightings on the Monongahela River near the Belle Vernon area according to this story on WPXI. It lead to an all out search by the Coast Guard and, more than likely, some of the same people who are still searching the Mon River near the point for evidence of the B-25 ghost bomber that may/may not have crashed there in 1956.

So is this the Belle Vernon “bigfoot” or is this for realz?

Time will tell but… is it really worth all of the resources we’re putting into this?

Hey… Belle Vernon, call the Mount Lebo deer cull experts they might… uhhhh.. never mind!  Good luck finding the alligator!


 Thx to @LizPGH for the heads up on this story.