Yakkin’ With YaJagoff – Owen, Ahmed and Roy from Sullivan and Son


We are yakkin’ with Ahmed Ahmed, Roy Wood, Jr. and Owen Benjamin from the Sullivan and Son cast

about Urban Rabbits, Primanti sandwiches, golf cart bowling and how to act when Vince Vaughn is your boss.


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The Walking Texters

OK, this story is gonna be just like the “big fish that got away,” and that story where the B-52 Bomber supposedly crashed into Mon River near the Point in 1956… I basically have NO EVIDENCE! (except for this one still frame I pulled from the iPhone video.  It’s kind of like my version of the Zapruder film…the ZaJagoff film.)


I’m in downtown Pittsburgh and, as I pull into a hotel driveway, there’s this guy (pictured above) walking in the sunshine, reading his smart phone, sauntering….with no regard to the rest of the world… right down the middle of the hotel driveway.

So I  pull out the iPhone and realize I am about to capture a Jagoff IN ACTION and it will indeed be the bestest ever Jagoff post on this blog!  I slowly drive behind this guy as he continues to walk while looking down at his smart phone.

I’m  driving behind him considering beeping to see what reaction I get.  Finally, the guy looks up.  Looks at my ar then looks right back down at his phone and KEEPS WALKING!  Never an “I’m sorry!” nor one of those blank “I don’t know any better I’m from Cleveland” looks…. NOTHING!!!!

Soooooooooooooooooooo I say to myself, this is classic!! Can’t wait to get back to the WJGF news desk and get this edited.

When I get back, well, this is where I become the… well, ya know…… cuz as it turns out, I had not hit the RECORD when I thought I did.  I only hit RECORD for the iPhone video as I was putting the phone back down on the car seat. (The resultant video was total blackness as the phone was placed, lens down, on the front seat of the car and almost 7 minutes of a black car seat and us singing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Well, through the help of technology, I did spare the first .05 seconds of the video and got the above still photo.  Yes, it looks a little suspect like most Sasquatch photos, but I swear, it’s him.

So Mikey Mobile, it’s clear that, due to the new Pennsylvania “no texting while driving” law, that you do not have time to read your stuff on the drive in to work in the morning.  But how about a little common courtesy and common sense ?  Go grab a Primanti’s Sandwich and take the load off and read your emails while relaxing with the pigeons sitting on a bench in Market Square!  Either that, or just get into work earlier and read them at your desk.  But either way, don’t text and walk in the street, Ya Jagoff!

Find a Friend With a Pickup Truck


We have seen worse than this as you know if you’ve followed the blog long enough.   But the thought process of the driver that this is an acceptable method is what is amazing!

Just in case this isn’t obvious to ya, I fired up the Jagoff-estrator to point out this person’s lumber purchases that just doesn’t seem to fit.  Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr is this a car that drove into a fence and then drove straight to Lowes to purchase some tools to free itself from this pesky stick?

Well, everything except the lack of an orange flag on the back of this thing indicates, this is someone who needs a friend with a pick up truck!

A little check on the Scion website says the entire length of the xB model, bumper to bumper, is 14.0083333-feet!  That means 14 feet, minus and engine, minus a dashboard, minus the other stuff ya bought….the numbers just don’t add up.  WHO NEEDS TWO (more Scions to hall stuff)?

But then again, maybe this really is a Scion Shish Kabob and they are headed home to park it on a driveway made of a nice, fluffy rice pilaf?

Whomever you are, paaaaaleeeeeeeze start networking with people who own pick-up trucks or, cut-out the next two pizza deliveries and pay for a lumber delivery, Ya Jagoffs!


Thanks to @JohnMalekci Custom Builder for being today’s Honorary Jagoff Catcher.  

You MUST go see his website pics of what he builds!

Click the pick below.

No, really.. click it.  You’ll be amazed!