Is This Car Yoga?


This came to us from our Facebook page.

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Talk about a relaxing drive … is this one of those new La-Z-Boy luxury vehicles?

Someone on Facebook asked, “How is this even possible?”  However, the question is, what is actually happening here?  Is this a haircut and blow-dry situation?  If the driver was barefoot, I’d say maybe they were trying to see a splinter or a thorn in the bottom of their foot.

Currently, our SJU (Special Jagoffs Unit) is investigating the Sewickley area, kind of the area where this photo was taken, to see if there are any new Drive Thru Toe Wash businesses and, if so, what the hot wax option gets ya.

All that I know is, if there’s a head on crash, the driver’s ankle AND knee are going to be in their ear.. which makes for an odd thing to use the Jaws of Life on.

Hey Amy-ankle….remember, the announcements at the Tunderbolt?  “Keep your arms and legs BEHIND the yellow line and INSIDE THE CAR at all times, Ya Jagoff!


Thanks to Robert Judge‎ for passing this pic along and being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

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Yakkin’ With YaJagoff- Pennsylvania Aviation Animal Rescue Team

We are yakkin AGAIN with Brad Childs (Eyetique) and John Plesset (Shadyside Inn Suites)of the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team (PAART).

They fly all over rescuing dogs do to they get dog hair all over those black jump suits?

Do they ever get to meet the receiving families?

Can I get a ride in the airplane?

Party With PAART, this Saturday night!! Last year was crazy good!

Allegheny County Airport

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For the production!


Another Jagoff Burglar ..This One Had a Knife But….



Another stupid criminal.  If you go watch the surveillance video on, you’ll see that one of the two robbers of the Perry Market, was dressed as some kind of Ninja and brandished a sword.  Which, at first thought, doesn’t seem to be all that smart if anyone has seen the old Raiders of the Lost Ark movie…brought-a-knife-to-a-gun-fight scene.

Be that as it may, the robbers had a sword but….. the robb-ee had an even BIGGER sword and scared the living $h1t outta the two robbers.

If you haven’t clicked the link above to watch the video, you should.  It’s hilarious to see the “ninja” running as if he was trying to catch the last 61C bus to Oakland from downtown at 1 in the morning on a sub-zero winter night.

KDKA-TV reporter Bob Allen, pegged it, ” Don’t bring a knife to a sword fight.

(Side note: Don’t you think it’s cool that a sword fight robbery was done at the… wait for it….PERRY Market…like PARRY as in fencing parry riposte?)

(Yeah… my parents are proud!)

And since Bob Allen took the easy one… I’ll take the NEXT easiest one since I’m tired and I need to get my beauty rest…

To the robbers (who will more than likely be caught since the Ninja guy didn’t have any black Ninja shoes so he wore black socks on his feet which he subsequently slipped on during his escape)…“He who robs by the sword… DIES, or goes to jail, by the sword……YaJagoffs!”


Thanks to @ViewFromAskew for the tip!!

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