Charcuterie? What is that?


Yeah….now that you have the high-falootin’ job, you go hang out at all of the high-end bars and cool restaurants sipping whisky, rum, wine and, someone offers a Charcuterie tray.  After a quick look-up on your smart phone’s browser you say “Why of course. That sounds wonderful.”

You partake in such Charcuterie tray…trying to be classy eating one little meat bite at a time.  But you know full well you want to grab a chair and a fork and pull up next to that thing, hover over it and stuff those meats in your grocery hole.

Well Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms. …’re from Pittsburgh and you’re getting “to big for your britches” (as my grandmother would say).  You used to get Charcuterie at all of the first communions, graduations and house parties… it was corell ware plate, covered with foil with slices of Shop n Save swiss, sharp and american cheeses and some pepperoni. Sometimes the good trays had Ritz crackers on them. Aaaaaand if it was a “classy” party, there would be Sociable crackers….none of this artisan bread stuff!

Just wanted yinz all to check your roots as Pittsburgh becomes a classy-food tahn, Ya Jagoffs!

Any thoughts?

Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff – Pittsburgh Pickle Company

It’s Wednesday….Time for Yakkin’ With YaJagoff!

We are yakkin’ with Joel, Will and John of the Pittsburgh Pickle Company.

These guys are idea men!

But better yet, they are “Drink Beers and Get Ideas” men.

Where can ya get these pickles?  Click the pic to see their website.



BIG thanks to The Beerhive for letting us have a corner of the place!

Click the pic to get to their Twitter Page


As always, thanks to 321Blink for the Production

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Who’s in Charge of Scheduling Road Construction


PennDot has announced the 2015 road construction pain points.  See here on KDKA-TV.

Ok, so we all know that our roads need regular maintenance otherwise we would be calling out the politicians for not fixing the roads.  BUT…………. Does anyone actually talk to anyone else on these construction projects other than the two people with the walkie-talkies holding the SLOW/STOP switch-a-roonie signs?

Is there some GRAND POO-BA of Road Construction?  If not, WE WANT NOMINATED!!!  What’s that old phrase about “the right hand knowing what the left hand is doing?

Here’s a sample of what we know WILL be open:

That one alley in Sharpsburg that goes behind where the pizza place that used to be the donuts place is.

A one-way alley in Baldwin that, gets back-ups on Monday because the one-manned-garbage truck goes through and we watch the driver get in and out at every house to throw garbage in the back.

A few country roads in the Oakdale area that, thank God, are back to NORMAL after being slicker-than-hell from being “Oiled and Chipped”

All that I know is we need a regional Road-Construction-Head-Honcho-Son-of-A-Betcha-Thought-I-Was-Gonna-Say-Something-Else position and I nominate myself for the position!

All that I ask for, in return is that every construction project be submitted to me, in an 8-part form, 18 months in advance of commencing the work, signed by at least 7 engineers, approved by THEIR bosses and a PDF of sample road signage that will be used so that I can make sure that the signage is aesthetically pleasing to the stressed driving public!

Oh yeah, and I ALSO want a universal walkie-talkie that can communicate to any sign-turner in the area so that, when I’M in traffic so I can call ahead and tell them to turn SLOW in my direction!!!

In summary, do any road construction bosses know that there are things called SCHEDULES and that there is this awesome SHARING CALENDAR system called GOOGLE CALENDAR where everyone can coordinate schedules??  Somebody PALEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZE call somebody to coordinate these road construction projects, YA JAGOFFS!