Protesting The Right To Be Topless



Just in case you missed this, members of the “Go Topless Group” had a protest in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Excerpt from WTAE:

Monday marks the 93rd anniversary of women gaining the right to vote in the U.S., but protesters said women are still not treated equally.

“The point of this is to raise awareness of this problem. We have to have equal rights for men and women. If men are going to be able to go topless, women should be able to go topless without that stigma,” said protester Judith Sherwood.

See WTAE-TV story HERE

So basically, this group believes that the priority in the great equal rights gap between men and women is, women should be permitted to walk around in public topless.  This is like a mini-bike and buying a hot tub…. it seems to be such a FANTASTIC idea at the time but… over time… you realize… WHAT IN THEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HELL was I thinking?  Especially when you catch a glimpse of the older topless ladies that look like they have 2 old tube socks full of sand hanging from their clavicles.

This protest was supposed to basically go from the old Hilton-now-the-Wyndham hotel ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE POINT.. to…. THE POINT!!!!  If you are not familiar with the geography, it LITERALLY is right across the street!  (Me thinks that the organizers are trainees and interns of those who designed the North Shore Subway extension!)

And thank GAWD it was a short walk because, at least the 5-7 people that showed up could ALMOST stretch themselves in a chain across a the street, in front of the hotel, but only if they streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetched and touched finger tips!  So not much of a civil disobedience protest.

But no worries!  We have a new protest of our own!  And most of those in Point State Park that day agree…it’s a protest against the lanky, bald guy in the pic above.  And, no, it is NOT a protest of the right to BARE arms.  (I don’t even think those ARE arms.  He’s a seamstress and those are thread samples hanging from his shoulders.)

Hey Wilbur Milktoast…. because of this picture, we now have over 2,000 volunteers ready to protest that EVERYONE keep their shirts on and, as an addendum in Part 4, Paragraph 1, Subsection 5.91 of the draft law, it requires all shirts to look like baggy hockey sweaters to cover up any sun-glow ARMS, Ya Jagoff!

Remember When Bill Cowher Blew The Hurricane Siren? Well….




Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo what have any of YOU done for a girl friend or boy friend?  How far have any of you gone to placate the one you love?

Have you worn your girl friend’s dress?  Her shoes? Gone to the grocery store to get feminine products for her because she is a poor planner?  Skipped a night’s sleep to sit up all night with her 4 sick cats?  Have you given in to her pleads to carry her 155lb. dog around the neighborhood so that it could go poop and get some fresh hair despite having 2 arthritic hips?

Well, Bill Cowher has set a new level for the rest of us men!

Apparently Coach CAHR is dating a gothic singer called “Queen V.”  And somehow, she talked him into donning some mascara, a medieval outfit and some leather handcuffs and standing around in her latest video. (see full story on KDKA-TV website)

Remember when we thought it wouldn’t get much more weird-er than that look Coach CAHR had that craaaaaaaaaaazed I’ve-Lost-My-Mind look on his face when  he was all excited winding up the Hurricane Siren for the Carolina Hurricane playoff game?  It got worse.

But on the other hand, it is great to know that “The Jaw” has a special person in his life.  And she must be an AWESOMELY CRAZY-WEIRD hook-up… like breaking lamps and hot candle wax kind of stuff if he’s putting on more make-up than Marylin Manson and standing around in a music video.

Coach.. we hope you’re happy.  We are glad that you’ve found someone special.  But paaaaaaaaaaaleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze…’re the guy that put the fear of 5 gods into huge football players just by giving them THE STARE!  When Queen V asked you to do that, could you NOT  look her in the eye, give her that patented jaw-maneuver and say, “Hell No?”  Ya… Ja…. (wait…..I can’t do it….my fingers are trembling…I can’t pull the trigger on the punch line… it feels terrible… urghhhhh… maybe if I had a girlfriend that forced me to do it I would but…..)


Any of you have a story that you will admit too about the silliest thing a partner got you to do?????



Sammy The Simple Scion Driver



What else has to be said?

This guy, pulls into the Wendy’s, the wrong way, then sits there whiles someone from the car runs into the Wendy’s and gets some food!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hello?  This is like that Sesame Street song:

One of these things is not like the other.   One of these things just doesn’t belong!

Sure you can use the excuse that the driver is a little confused since we see a double-yellow line which SHOULD indicate two-way traffic but SOMEHOW indicates, for Wendy’s, side by side lanes heading the same direction.  But……….

Personally, I am pretty sure that this person is the SAME person that drives around most mall/plaza parking lots driving the opposite direction up and down each row and then has to make a 22-foot wide turn to get their car into one of the angled parking spots.

WAIT… perhaps we are being too judgmental… maybe this car is built the same as the Pittsburgh Subway cars… the driver simply switches the end of the car that he’s driving!!!

Hey Sammy-Scion… who seems to be Arrow-challenged..  we figured it out…. you’re in training for becoming an older man-driver that drives the wifey around all day.  You know, that  guy that pulls up to the curb in front of the store and put his 4-way flashers on “cuz I’m only gonna be a MINUTE!!!”  Yessss the famous MINUTE!

Either that orrrrrrrrrrrr, this guy is training the “ol’ lady”  for 40 years from now when he drops off the scrapbookin’ Mrs. at the front door of Michaels and then gets himself and the car into  the “Quick Response” position, where like all older guys, pull to a corner of the parking lot and  then sleep in their car while he Mrs. is shopping .. only to wake up like a firefighter and speed to the front door, like they had NEVER been sleeping, when the Mrs. comes out with her arms full of glue sticks and stamps!

So hey, Sammy Scion, I realize it may take ya an extra 1.5857 minutes to park how the REST OF US HUMANS DO (who also have important things to do) but, how about squeezing that future-hobby-supply-rig IN BETWEEN some of the PARKING lines  next time, YA JAGOFF!