Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff – Pittsburgh’s Toonseum


Welcome to another “Yakkin’ With Ya Jagoff!” segment.

We are yakkin’ with Joe Wos of the Toonseum in downtown Pittsburgh.  And we’re talking action figures, Pittsburgh’s influence on the animation world and Ninja Turtles.  Oh, I give my Frank Gorshin Riddler impression too!

Watch the video below.

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The ToonSeum is presenting it’s first ever Cause-Play Party event and we want you to be there!

The event takes place on March 1st, 2014 at 8:30pm at Tilden Lounge located at 941 Liberty Avenue, just two doors down from the ToonSeum.

All guests are encouraged to show up as their favorite character.

Click the logo below for details.



For the production!



Had A Great Time At Recipe for Hope!


Keep reading… at the end of this post, there are chances to win your very own package of Ernie Ricci’s Italian (pronounced as EYE-talian in proper Pittsburghese).

Here are some pics of Saturday night’s Hair Peace Charities “Recipe for Hope” event.

I was paired up with Robby Ismanakowsi, of Root Sports Pittsburgh to dish out freshly made Ricci’s Hot Sausage.


The pot of freshly made Ernie Ricci’s Hot Sausage! That nobody could resist.

We stole a page out of the McDonald’s game plan…we wafted the aroma out into the middle of the room and the guests flocked to us like lemmings with their plates, forks and Pavlovian drool.


Our “Official Pose”

OK.. so this might NOT be our best “Look at us we’re eating the sausage” pose.  But at least Robby put the spoon near his mouth.  Me? I look like I’m feeding my belly button for some reason!  But we were damned good at serving up that sausage!

(Forgive yourself for thinking “That’s what SHE said” after that last sentence)

The Ol' 29er serving up Shrimp Romano.

The Ol’ 29er serving up Shrimp Romano.

Check out the 3 Stanley Cup Rings on Phil Bourque.  To compete, Robby and I slipped on our high school class rings but,  but nobody seemed impressed for some reason.

The ladies of Star 100.7 FM.. Shelley, Kelly, Elista and Melanie

The ladies of Star 100.7 FM.. Shelley, Kelly, Elista and Melanie

To be honest… I have no idea what I’m doing behind them… I think it’s my “Hey I’m in a picture, I better do something WHACKY but I really look like an dork” pose!

WPXI's Cara Sapida and Scott

WPXI’s Cara Sapida and Scott

Cara was next to us.  She had made 350 Buffalo Chicken Bite appetizers.  I’m pretty sure I ate 30-40 of ’em.  I felt guilty so I let her and Scott dig into the pot of sausage.


Linda and Susan

We met Linda and Susan.  Celebrities in their own right.  They said if I put their picture on the blog, they would read it soooooooooo there ya have it!


Val Porter, WDVE

Val Porter was dishing up this CRAZEEEE good Minestrone soup from Bella Sera in Canonsburg. She’s belting out  The Clark’s “Penny On The Floor” in opera style while serving.

Scott Harbauh, WPXI and Christina

Scott Harbaugh, WPXI and Christina

This is Scott Harbaugh in the “Severe Sausage Center.”  No school closings to list.


This is “Munch,” food writer from the Post Gazette (@PGMunch on Twitter). I sooooo expected him to have a bag on his head or a black bar across his eyes!

By the way, he served an unbelievably awesome Butternut Squash soup.   I’m gonna write an article about it.. “Ya Jagoff Goes To Munch’s House For Soup.



Finally, Iceburgh! If this was me, I guarantee  a few drops of sausage sauce would have found it’s way to the one little white spot in the center of the Pens logo.   It got a little odd when he quietly handed me his resume to give to Ernie Ricci, in the event that Ernie hires a Hot Sausage mascot!

Thanks to Bonny Diver and all of the volunteers who did an UNBELIEVABLE job Saturday. Yinz all made everyone feel so welcome.

Thanks to Ernie Ricci for the cooking and donating the hot sausage.


Two ways to win the hot sausage!

#1) Be the first one to click THIS LINK and donate a minimum of $25 to HairPeace Charities Today

(I will verify with Bonny who was first)

First-in gets 5lbs of uncooked Ricci’s Hot Sausage

#2) Make a comment below.  

All comments made by 11:59PM, 2/25/2014 will be entered into a raffle to win 5lbs of uncooked Ricci’s Hot Sausage

NOTE:  Ernie Ricci is not responsible for this contest or prize.  Prize will be purchased and provided by YaJagoff.com.  The prize will have no cash value.



If you missed it, get over to HairPeace.org and get on the mailing list for next year!

Wrong Order at Burger King? Do The Reasonable Thing, Dial 911



So the graphic pretty much tells the story.

Woman gets wrong order at Burger King in Indiana County, PA.

Calls 911

When cops arrive, she’s a screaming, threatening idiot

Police realize she has a record out of state (are we shocked?)

Woman charged

See full story on WPXI.com

The way I see it, the most serious part of the case wasn’t reported…we don’t know what happened to the order!  Did they eventually get it right?  Who got to eat it after all of that?  Would the meal be free if I drove up there and tried to claim it saying I was Heather’s hubby?

Even more, were there really no secondary crimes from the ticked off the people stuck in line behind this craziness? (And you know how mad you get one the line doesn’t move fast enough….”What are those people doing, getting a frickin’ mortgage?”)

And what was the 911 call like?

Heather: Yes hello! I need the police right away!

Dispatcher: Okay calm down Mam. What seems to be the problem?

Heather: Well I’m at Burger King and I just placed my order for a Whopper Jr! and fries! Then when I got my order I realized they had given me a full sized Whopper!

Dispatcher: Wait….. Is this your emergency?

Heather: Well obviously! I have a figure to maintain! I can’t be eating a full sized Whopper!

Dispatcher…………………………………………………………………………………… Yeah uh the only reason the police are coming is because we’ve been talking on the phone long enough.

Heather: Thank God! Tell them I’ll be the one standing in the drive thru!

 Dispatcher: I’m sure they’ll figure it out….. 

Heather… not saying that you probably weren’t at the head of your class in Common Sense 101 but….

I mean, wanted by the police… then calling them to ask for help… WITH A FAST FOOD ORDER?  That makes as much sense as asking Colonel Sanders to see if he could come over and babysit your pet chickens!

Might I make a small suggestion?  May I suggest a T.V. dinner for your next feast?  It’s no Get Out of Jail Free card but, if ya buy it at Giant Eagle, you can get fuel points on a Giant Eagle card!  Just don’t call the cops if your corn spills into your hot lava brownie, Ya Jagoff!