Jagoff TV Commercial – Who’s Teaching Whom?


OK, so if you’re not a medical person or someone who took a CPR class, you may not realize how TECHNICALLY BAD this LECOM television commercial actually is.  So I have labored over the Jagoff-istrator to show you.

Now bad CPR is one thing.. but then they go to show ya the old “Gotta Jump Start Da Brutha” paddles and THEY are in the wrong place too.  See the pic below for your quick “I wanna be a nurse or paramedic” quick-tip learning tool.

This commercial is running so I am re-running this blog post!

Now, if you’re not a medical person you may not care about the bad LECOM television commercials.  That is, until one of their students or graduates comes to give you CPR or use the paddles on you when you pass out!

You may also say, “Who cares? They get their point across!”  To that I respond with, would Pitt put out a TV commercial with one of their football players coloring outside the lines of their weekly coloring book?  Nope.. they’d make that player hold a 400-level physics text book and be damned sure that he didn’t hold it upside down!!!!!

I say…….Hey Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, you paid a ton of money to shoot a commercial about your educational programs and you paid a SECOND ton of money to air those commercials down here in Pittsburgh, which, in case you’ve been under a rock for the past 10 years, is one of the Meccas for healthcare and LOADED with healthcare providers that watch TV, so ya might want to call your local American Heart Association for a refresher before you tell us how SMART ya are, Ya Jagoffs!!


“We’ll Save YOU a Lot of Money!” (Oh No You Won’t!)

yj-Allgood(Click here if you are from aht of tahn and NOT familiar with this TV commercial)

This one’s a little rocky cuz it involves what looks to be a nice family having some fun.  Just like having all of your kids being a part of the outgoing voice mail message at home: “HI!  This is John, Amy, Little Jack, Rita, Elizabeth and (someone says in a dog voice) Spot.  We’re not able to take your call so…..”  You get it. Cute but NOT ALWAYS enjoyable after the first 10 listens!

We’re not sure WHO to call out on this one – the girl and dad OR the marketing group that STOLE their money by advising them that it was a “CATCHY” thing to yell at TV viewers!!  Bottom line, to whomever’s in charge, STOP THOSE PEOPLE FROM SCREAMING!!!!

Your marketing money would be better spent on a generic jingle, singing “High, high, quality at low, low prices!”  that would stick in our heads and aggravate everyone far LESS.  And lay off the high-energy-Venti, Mocha, High Caffeine, Lotta-Crappa-In-A-Cuppa’s.  And, by the way, I’m afraid to look but,  is your company’s Facebook, Twitter and Web page built in ALL CAPS, Ya Jagoffs?????

Don’t Know Why, But This Bothers Me


I listen to the local radio allot. Some times I get crazy and turn up the bass, roll the windows down, lean into the center and blast a good AM radio talk show.  Basically,  I ain’t paying to listen to all the credit card  debt commercials on satellite radio!

Anyway, I hear the Jim Shorkey and Katie Shorkey auto dealership commercials.   The commercials are standard stuff, a caffiene-loaded announcer gets on and says “WOW-WIZBANG-WOW” kind of stuff and then asks about the weekly “Outta-this-world-No-other-dealership-could-be-less” kind of deals that are goin’ on.

Enter Jim and Katie Shorkey – ON THE PHONE!!!!

Whaaaaat?  You pay thousands of dollars for air-time, another thousand for professional voice and then I have to listen to you tell me about great deals over the PHONE????  At home, do ya record your favorite MP3 files over to cassette tapes before ya jam???

Shorkey’s, yer a great family in the area and we appreciate what you do in the community.  I offer one VERY UNIQUE MARKETING CONCEPT.

You sell cars.  So how about jumpin’ into one of ’em and driving to the studio to record yer commercials, YA JAGOFFS!

(Second choice – fire the JAGOFFS that tell you that this is good marketing for your company!!  And please don’t hire the ones that tell ya its a good idea to YELL!)

Am I being to picky here???  Let me know if I’m the Jagoff below.