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#YaJagoff Podcast

The Hometown High Q   

June 25, 2019

Nothing spells out high profile podcast like spending the day at the KDKA studios…during the Hometown Hi Q finale.  We had the chance to chat it up with sponsor representative, Sheri Cramblit, from Williams–a natural gas distributor, Marty Rogers, TV studio floor manager and high-end clapper for Hometown HighQ, as well as host with the most, Rick Dayton.

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01:47 Sheri Clambit

Williams, which is a gas pipeline company that has been around for over 110 years, started in Tulsa, OK and has been in Pittsburgh for 10 years. Sheri discussed the importance of aligning with Hometown High Q since well-groomed students entering trade fields and colleges should learn teamwork—a skill desired for future Williams employees.  She also talks about the longevity of the company and trade in our area.

15:45 Marty Rogers (head clapper)


This guy has a permanent smile, callous-free hands, and a high IQ.  He makes sure people don’t walk into cameras, has a special clapping technique, –double time to make it sound like an even larger audience) and holds his hands up high so people follow. What a dream job!

22:05 Rick Dayton


Although not the first host of the iconic show, since he is second to Ken Rice, he is celebrating their second decade.  Rick talks about the kids, how the questions are developed and how the pressure can be on.  Plus, find out if he knew then what he knows now….. Uh oh!  Listen to find out!


Make sure you sign on to KDKA-TV, Saturday, 11am to see who this season’s winner was!

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