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YaJagoff Podcast - Christmas Party

#YaJagoff Podcast

YaJagoff Holiday Celebration Special 

December 24, 2019

With the Rennebeck Christmas tree lit and Sprezzatura platters galore, the YaJagoff Media holiday party was in full swing .With a year of reflections in milestone accomplishments, and a bright horizon for 2020, the team that helps Rachael and John came together to spread Christmas cheer.  Listen to what makes YaJagoff Media fully operate with the support of coworkers, family and friends.

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Question of the Day

Who knows Rachael and John the best? Listen to the questions created by the Rennebeck family children: Roman, Dom and Addie!

Colin Parrish and Larry Mercurio

Colin and “Larr Bear” are up first to talk about Colin’s backstory of joining the YaJagoff team and explain why Rachael and John are now referred to as “Our People” at Rohrich Honda. Apparently, the term “jagoff” is not in a Texan’s vocabulary?

05:34 Michele and Troy Shrader

Long-time friend and sales extraordinaire, Michele, joins the celebratory conversation known as being the glue that keeps everyone up-to-date, organized and together… even if she has to send blunt reminders to keep Rachael and John on track!

19:53 Dan and Gia Casciato

Dan and his darling daughter spread the Christmas cheer until they point out that DAN HAS CLIENTS OUTSIDE OF YAJAGOFF?! The man who has it all, endures one uncomfortable salutation after every team meeting bumbumbum what is it?

24:05 Robert Miles

His majesty, Pittsburgh’s Concierge, joins the podcast decked out in holiday suave after conquering the Rennebeck driveway and in time to boast his exciting news of writing blogs for YaJagoff in 2020! Find out about even more events, new restaurant openings in Pittsburgh, and more right from Robert’s fingertips.

30:31 Hanna and Collin Chamberlin

John’s daughter and son, Hanna and Colin, yet again prove their hilarity as they reminisce on tragic traditions that the family (and everyone in the room) can’t help but laugh about. Hanna is as blunt as Collin’s sarcasm that he uses to roast John to a full crisp in the most loving Chamberlin way.

42:34 Dan and Joanne Nakles

Light on the roast and heavy on the longtime love of friendship, Dan joins the podcast with his wife, Joanna, to talk about his STAT MedEvac days with John while the jags highlight and appreciate his social media skills with YaJagoff Media.

48:20 TJ and Tiffany Willetts

TJ and his wife Tiffany grab the mics to talk about TJ’s collaboration in creating the new and improved Insulators Local 2 logo thanks to JR’s creative chaos. Listen to Addie’s rapid-fire questions that doesn’t leave this duo stumped.

54:40 Cousin Lisa and Best Friend Jenn

“Jenny from the block” Jenn and CL slide into the hotseats and answer every single one of Addie’s ‘Who knows Rachael and John best’ questions! They are the ultimate volunteers of the YaJagoff Media team because they have no choice!

1:03 Moats’ Notes

The holiday version sponsored by JD Waterproofing!

1:05 The Rennebeck Family

Wille, Roman, Dom and Addie dish out the family secrets, from softball-sized holes in broken windows, grocery gobbling to family feuds. In the paraphrased words from the Addie podcast, “At first I thought, who is this John guy and why is he always in our house… now I think he is part of the family.” A family who supports each and everyone’s dream creates an unbreakable bond and what makes the magic of the season even brighter.

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