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YaJagoff Podcast at Sugar and Smoke

#YaJagoff Podcast

The Flag Day Friday Fun at Sugar & Smoke

June 18, 2019

John and Rachael met Arthur Moats for an overdue Moats’ Notes Father’s Day style, and talk to comedian Collin Chamberlin about headlining the Improv, and travel blogger Sammi Travis on the furthest she has traveled.  Plus, a visit from chef Claudy and Hal B. Klein about the food frenzy in the ‘Burgh and learn a little more about the sultry sounds of Jessica Lee.  Thanks to Andrea at Sugar and Smoke for the multiple courses at the successful Bloomfield restaurant.

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Question of the Day

WithSugar Smoke in mind, and being campfire season, do you like your marshmallow lightly toasted and sweet to taste the sugar or smoldering and burnt and still smoking?



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05:43 AndreaRobinson

Once ayinzer, who left for Texas only to return to the Burgh,Sugar Smokeowner Andrea Robinsonopens upabout her love for jazz, passion for southern cuisine and excitement to be part of a community, specifically Bloomfield, with its tradition and custom. Plus, you should see and taste her seafood boil, and roasted turkey, and cheesecake and….

13:34 HalB. Klein

Pittsburgh Magazine’sFood Connoisseur, Hal B. Klein, enlightens us about the importance of the youth learning how to make a well-balanced meal, the chef competitions he has partaken in and the frequently asked questions he gets while out and about. But what is HIS go-to dinner when out?

18:43 Chef Claudy

This Haitian sensation heard his name mentioned and came to talk food. He is helping Andrea create a southern cuisine atmosphere while boasting the importance of teaching the youth the importance of healthy food. Plus, he owns the Northside famous Arnold’s Tea. What can’t this guy do?

32:39 Arthur Moats

Our third jagoff excitedly delivers his Moats’ Notes for the first time with his sponsorD Waterproofing. He explains the joys of fatherhood Moats’ style and brings back the homemade card as a best of!

35:36 Jessica Lee–

This jazz enthusiast and trained musician takes a break during her Friday night stint at Sugar Smoke to chat about the longevity of jazz music and how vocal jazz in particular has remained relevant in the music industry. She had two good answers for ourquestionSof the day!

44:30 Collin Chamberlin

Leaving the patio audience in stitches is an understatement. This Pittsburgh-famous comedian is now NY-bound and ready to kill it. He talks about his material, upcoming Improv debut and why Rachael’s friends are jagoffs! Checkahta show beforeCollin Chamberlinis an NYC native!Use the code COLLIN for a $5 ticket to the 6/27 show atPittsburgh Improv.

59:00 Sammi Travis

Better known asAdventureSamin the travel world, this blogger has been to over 50 countries since she was 19! From run-ins with authorities and interesting salutations learned, this worldly beauty entertains with amazing city, state, and country stories. Where is her next destination?

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