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Stars of the Community Podcast 

April 7, 2020

 The jagoffs joined some local stars doing good things for the community like Kelly from 100.7 Star, Dan Burda of the elite Studio Raw, Brian Gulish of the Greater Community Food Bank and we even get some good tunes from The 412 District. 

BAND:  The 412 District
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Question of the Day

What is your new norm? The thing you are doing since the Corona

3:56 Kelly Star:

Kelly from 100.7 Star “broadcasts” into the podcast while tackling a radio show in her kitchen.  Her co-workers?  Her husband and daughter, who is two-years old. Need a daily dose of happiness? Listen to Kelly, 2-7 p.m. showcasing positive beats, with a call-in at 4:55 from the jagoffs.  Plus, don’t miss her Virtual Happy Hour with red wine, of course 

15:47 Dan Burda:

Owner of Studio RAW,  Dan Burda has built the “eye-catching” hair and color design studio with emphasis on its out-front sandwich board of inspiration. Dan talks biz and how compassion drives success for his North Hills fame and provides gardening tips in resilience when COVID-19 is over. 

32:38 Brian Gulish:

Vice President, Marketing and Communications of the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank, Brian showcases the organization’s extraordinary statistics like how the power of $1 can provide 5 meals for those in need. Listen to how they’re pioneering in emergency food distribution during unprecedented times, including the new norm of 500 per day. 

42:20 412 District:

Owner of Three Pittsburgh principals walk into a bar… and jam out as The 412 District band! Rob, Kevin and Sean bring their hit single, “Take Me Away” and discuss school adjustments in the midst of Corona. With jam-packed virtual learning, these dudes don’t skip a beat in their do-good mission of playing for fun and causes. 

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