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#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: Porch Tour #4 Hangry Jagoffs Smelling Ricci’s Sausage on the Way to the Hempfield Home

August 17, 2021


The Shola’s made candied bacon and opened their home for porch #4 stop with Patricia and Rob Vince openly discussing the practicality of their heartbreaking experience that has paid it forward for so many other families. Mike and Val Vukish relate all too well with their own family story, as well as stories about road trips with Tommy James and the Shondells. Thanks to Briana Tomack for sweetening the stories with history of the banana split while Walk on Mars jammed on the lawn.

Thanks to: Ernie Ricci, Kennywood, Heinz History Center, North Country Brewing, Mary Mac Bakehouse 

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Question of the Day:

What smell makes you so hungry you cannot resist eating?

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4:59 The Sholas

With a collection jar overflowing for Zachary’s Mission, the Hempfield hosts relay stories about big wigs who donned the street, Boss Way, during the coal mine days. With a separate smoking room and buffet of family recipes, guests lingered while Walk on Mars used the time for a practice session.

16:35 Rob and Patricia Vince

Creators of the Zachary’s Mission organization talk about how the Zack Packs came to be, celebrating the first 10 years of the mission, and hinting that the next event for awareness is a golf outing with continual small events to keep people aware, engaged and in a safe manner.  As for the boss of the giving operation, both agree its Delaney their middle school daughter.

32:19 Mike and Val (Vale) Vukish

With a prayer army in place after their great grandson’s battle with cancer, the pair married over 60 years tell tales of hospital survival and surviving the sixties.  Expect a little politics as Tommy James and the Shondells supported a presidential candidate, and that is no ‘Hanky Panky.’


52:40 Briana Tomack, President of Greater Latrobe – Laurel Valley Chamber of Commerce

We welcome the lady who holds the history key beyond the Mr. Rogers legacy in Latrobe. She chats landmarks, the proper banana split and the festival taking place this weekend to celebrate it all.

1:04  Walk on Mars-Mary Jo, Caleb and Nate

When three musicians from nowhere near Hempfield or even PA get together and jam, a Cranberries take on folk and soul transpires, and we get to hear good tunes ala a drum box, bass and soulful voice.

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