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Podcast Hunch for a Perfect Brunch at Carmella’s

March 26, 2019

The jagoffs fuel up with Carmella’s legendary Sunday brunch, cocktails and music. We bellied up to the amazing bar and rubbed elbows with the Post-Gazette’s Dan Gigler, White Board Weather master Jeff Verszyla and soul provider Clinton Clegg, along with some unexpected friends of Pittsburgh, all thanks to hostess with the mostest, Carmella, at her namesake pub in the Southside.

Music: Clinton Clegg, The Commonheart, “I am a Ram””

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Question of the day

Favorite brunch cocktail? Mimosa or Blood Mary?


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03:44 Carmella

As Carmella says, “Brunch is FUN!” Co-owner of Carmella’s Plates Pints welcomes all Jagoffs to enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon around a fireplace table in the heart of the dining area as upscale, comfort cuisine and signature cocktails dance to the music of the rustic lodge in Southside. Carmella reminisces about the beginning transformations, from grocery shopping carts flooding the bar area to live music playing from 3-6 p.m. by Pittsburgh’s top talent. Though mimosas trump bloody marys in her opinion, mimosas are a restaurant favorite as brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays. 

13:43 Jason Bryant

Let’s get ready to play, said in the best announcer voice. Minnesota-dwelling Jason knows Pittsburgh well and when not announcing NCAA Wrestling, podcasts are his thing. In fact, he is affiliated with at least nine different podcasts varying in topics. We found him and friends enjoying brunch and throwing out enough Pittsburghese to land him on the podcast to discuss topics found on 

25:47 Ken Wolfe

It’s a small world in Pittsburgh as the YaJagoffs cross paths with the one and only, Ken Wolf. Look out for what happens with the EQT Three Rivers Regatta this summer, and catch Wolf running for City Council in District 3 in Pittsburgh. The man has it all in addition to his newborn and the lack of sleep that comes with fatherhood. With great deliberation and careful thought, Wolfe admits to personally like mimosas over bloody marys, even though most people go with bloody marys. 

31:19 Jeff Verszyla

Former Meteorologist of KDKA, Jeff Verszyla jumps on the podcast with new ventures of WhiteBoard Weather by incorporating old school style with social media strategies to deliver the weather on 3 o’clock broadcasts through Facebook live. Verszyla talks family time and his role as a father while launching for on-demand weather information regarding landscaping tips, neighborhood weather and more! 

50:33 Dan and Clinton Pair Up at Fireside

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Food and Features Writer Dan Gigler joins around the table discussion in his passion for the service industry and great food in Pittsburgh. Though covering food delicacies is a must in his profession, his natural ability to tell the unspoken tales of what makes Pittsburgh the foodie city is a true talent. His love for bloody marys is a distinct pleasure, but making it with tequila is a twist of perfection to his taste buds.

Clinton Clegg

Soul singer of The Commonheart, Clinton Clegg talks about his deep root relationship with Carmella’s as he has gracefully performed in the bar area for 15 years. Now he and the band travel nationwide for shows and have a record deal on the way! Clegg reflects on the beginnings of his journey in the Pittsburgh music scene, from starting in open mic nights at Club Café to having full schedule concert and tour updates. In true brunch opinion, his keen interest on mimosas is favorable to bloody marys.

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