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#YaJagoff Podcast


June 11, 2019

TRAF is back! It is the third year for the jagoffs talking to festival artists including Sarah Aziz, the master of it all with participating artists Yusuph Ulomi and Jonathan Lenato. For music we get a real taste of looping thanks to Abby Adams and Dixie Duncan. Plus we welcomed podcast fave Bobby Cherry to learn his newest media endeavor and meteorologist Ron Smiley keeps us happy with weather at TRAF!

Music: Part of PhillterMusic Festival, Dixie Duncan and CMU grad, Abby Adams

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YaJagoff Podast at Three Rivers Arts Festival


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Question of the Day

With such an eclectic variety of art at this year’s three Rivers arts Festival, if you were to take part, what would be considered your art?



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05:24 Jonathan Lenato

Originally from Kenya, Jonathan Lenato brings his art to Steeler Country in which he showcases his creative ability by turning flip-flops into art through Ocean Sole Africa. Using primarily a knife and glue, Lenato utilizes his simple concept to construct life-sized, wildlife masterpieces that will be sure to make crowds stand in awe.

Yusuph Ulomi

Yusuph Ulomi, Tanzanian turned Pittsburgh resident, joins the podcast conversation in order to talk about his opportunity as one of the emerging artists for TRAF. He talks about the process of the program as well as his life as a young artist. Using multiple mediums, Ulomi dissolves boundaries while using his artistic skills to reflect on his life and bring people together through his healing perspective.

Sarah Aziz

Sarah Aziz, Program Manager of Festivals and Special Projects at Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, excites and promotes some of the unique happenings for the Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival (TRAF) as well as giving listeners details of the Emerging Artist Program through TRAF. From its birth in 2002, the Emerging Artist Program takes on 75 applicants each year, but only 8 people earn the honor of learning and growing their ability to showcase their items through TRAF. All in all, The Cultural Trust has a team led effort that helps the iconic TRAF go off without a hitch every year.

25:12 Bobby Cherry

Bobby Cherry, Pittsburgh Enthusiast, talks about his involvement in the new age of digital media that showcases specific topics like Amazon, Google, drones, podcasting and more. In the new age of journalism, aspiring individuals should expand his/her niche to learn the whole spectrum of the industry in order to be the best. Cherry’s primary interests include Kennywood, Erie and Christmas. June 8th marks only 200 more sleeps until Christmas as he promotes his new website, for all the Christmas lovers to enjoy.

Ron Smiley

Ron Smiley, Morning Meteorologist for KDKA, talks a little bit of weather and how delivering the forecast has changed through social media and blogging while shining a light on the growth for Pittsburgh Today Live. While off camera, his single dad lifestyle includes soccer and softball for his daughters while exercising on the regular through biking and running.

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