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Night at the Roxian

May 14, 2019

John and Rachael hit the night scene lottery! After 15 years of waiting, the 90-year-old Roxian Theater became new again and opened its doors to the New Mastersounds, a very excited crowd, and two anxious jagoffs. The duo welcomed legendary McKees Rocks native Pete Hewlett, Taris Vrcek, Community Development Corporation Executive Director, as well as New Mastersounds singer Lamar Williams Jr., and band originator Simon Allen.

Music:The New Mastersounds with Lamar Williams, Jr., “Can’t Hold Me Down” and “Trouble

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John and Rachael stopped lapping the streets of McKees Rocks waiting for signs of music life once they learned of the opening of the Roxian Theater in McKees Rocks. After a $9M renovation, it is now a world-class 1400-capactiy music venue.


McKees Rocks CDC Executive Director Taris Vrcek broke away from the hundreds of spectators from McKees Rocks and beyond to talk about the years of dedication it took to rebuild the theater. From vision to fruition, he reminisces the multiple start stops prior to becoming the Roxian. While music will be top of mind, the sky is the limit for entertainment at the new nightclub.


Pete Hewlett is Rachael’s favorite guest of all time, and he casually walks into what used to be a venue where he performed and discusses the musician’s code of conduct. Basically, that means that the newbies figure out the importance of music longevity, and the veterans learn to accept some new sounds. Then Pete heads to the Green Room with the jagoffs to chat music even more.


We hang in the green room with Pete and The New Mastersounds’ Simon Allen and Lamar Williams, Jr. who swap accents, stories and favorite breakfasts. These gents talk about legends they have performed with like Billy Joel, The Allman Brothers and more. The generations blended beautifully over music and where better than the city of Pittsburgh!

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