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J&D Waterproofing Porch Tour #4 PTL—Arrrrrgh Final 2019 Stop 

September 17, 2019

YaJagoff team boards the porch of host and captain Chris Miller for the JD Waterproofing Porch Tour #4 to talk Renegades of the Rotunda happenings with his pirate friends. Mary Mac Bakehouse reports on the progress of the YaJagoff parking chair ornament and Harry “Larry” talks about JD Waterproofing’s home improvements and repairs that have sealed them 80 years and counting. Rob Rossi, Senior Writer for The Athletic Pittsburgh sets up the backstory to the Malkin headline.

Music: Johnny Angel and the Halos Raise the Jolly Roger (A Wishful Thinking Song)

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1:04 Captain Chris Miller

The head pirate talks about his love for baseball and Renegades of the Rotunda growth since 2014 as a PNC Park staple.   These head-to-toe dressed pirates hype crowds during games, have won accolades like Pirates Fans of the Year, and have joined forces in many charitable causes. The next one is September 29th and wait til you hear why……

5:20  Harry, J D Waterproofing

Harry sadly reminisces porch tours and talks about JD Waterproofing’s legacy of 80 years. Based out of Canonsburg, JD Waterproofing offers foundation repair, waterproofing, excavation, and anything in between roofing, windows, siding and home remodeling. What’s Harry’s best improvement?

11:54  Rob and Jo Jo

Renegades of the Rotunda partner Rob, and long-time friend Jo Jo, chat about their spinoff podcast  Thieves, Rogues, and Renegades which showcases the villains of past historical periods. Also, Jo Jo highlights Renegades of the Rotunda’s charity tailgate on Sunday, September 29 to benefit their friend, Jason Rollison as he undergoes cancer treatment.

30:28  Mary Mac

from Mary Mac Bakehouse talks recipes from her curated Pittsburgh-themed baking creations to her latest podcast post that showcases City Chicken. She also schooled John and Rachael on how to bring the YaJagoff Parking Chair ornament to the next level. Are you ready for a sneak peek?

38:00  Rob Rossi

Powerful, inspiring and full of vivid imagery, Rach’s fave writer gives the jagoffs a behind-the-scene look at his water cooler story on Malkin.

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