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YaJagoff Podcast with Cyril Wecht

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Count your P’s: Perseverance Produces Positivity Podcast 

May 26, 2020

Jim Rugg had a comic book idea that would change the comic book look forever, New York Jazz performer, Chelsea Baratz dedicated a wedding song to her sis and is now performing with many jazz greats, Sara Simpson only knows life in confinement and has become an inspiration to anyone who hears her story. Plus, Pittsburgh icon, Cyril Wecht, dropped by to explain his deductions and perseverance regarding the unprecedented Covid-19.

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Question of the Day

Have you been to the staple known as Gus and YiaYia’s?

5:00 Jim Rugg:

Jim Rugg is creating another Pittsburgh first!  He is creating the world’s first fluorescent, black light comic book, Octobriana 1976. Details are available now on his kickstarter page. Find out how the Russian superhero fights against oppression and more by entering this otherworldly unveil (blacklight recommended) here!

18:32 Cyril Wecht, MD,JD:

This world-renowned man of medicine and law speaks, and people listen, especially in Western PA. So Western PA jagpffs asked him to expand on his recent take on coping with Covid.  While he admits he is no economist, he is a practical thinker and plans to be cautious but not live his life without loved ones.  Plus, what Kennywood ride does he love most?

48:31 Sara Simpson:

Sara Simpson lives with Osteogenesis Imperfecta and shares the story of how her prevailing positive outlook helps advocate for her diagnosed rare bone disease. Though the odds may stack against her, she knows how to play her cards closely with the uplifting support of her family and friends, like Dr. Mark Baratz. Find out how you can help by donating to the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation and by listening here!

1:03 Chelsea Baratz:

Chelsea was 13 when she first shared a jam session stage with Pittsburgh jazz greats like Roger Humphries at the Hill District’s Crawford Grill. Then came Madison Square Garden, David Letterman, Jimmy Fallon and now the YaJagoff Podcast.  Chelsea Baratz, reminisces her music journey, while empowering other women saxophonists like Lisa Simpson did for her! Listen to her song, “The Promise” on bandcamp!

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