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YaJagoff Podcast - Tiki Boat

#YaJagoff Podcast

A ‘lil Tiki to end the Weeky 

August 6, 2019

YaJagoff Media boards Cruisin’ Tikis with Captain Dale to set sail along The Allegheny to enjoy the company of Heinz History hotshot Andy Masich to dive deeper into the B25 Bomber mystery and more. Sean Collier and Vannessa St. Clair discuss their ventures in immersive theater while John Altdorfer and wife Cathy bring their wit as a life jacket. Tiki time goes well with Mandolin music as The Faiellas play music along the shorelines. This makes the perfect getaway in true Pittsburgh style.

Music:  Benny Faiella and son Matt, The Faiellas  

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Question of the Day

While near the river, we know how many things get lost in that sea of water.  What is something that you have lost that is still a mystery?


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02:50 Dale

Dale, The Captain of Pittsburgh, takes the jagoffs on a cruise to enjoy the views of Pittsburgh right from the waters. Cruisin’ Tikis Pittsburgh offers 2-hour sightseeing charters on the Three Rivers, and can include up to six people for birthday parties, engagements, corporate teambuilding, sunset cruises and more! Dale answers some FAQ’s for Cruisin’ Tikis and highlights different aspects for the sailing group. It’s never too late to float away for a good time, so be sure to select dates for bookings for a new adventure today.

05:27: Andy Masich

President and CEO of the Senator John Heinz History Center Andy Masich tells a sailor’s tale of the mysterious B25 Bomber vanishing into the river. The actual crash may be true, but the conspiracy behind the crash still lives on through interpretations of alien forces and CIA involvement. Is it real or urban legend? In addition, Masich talks about the Fort Pitt Block House as a sight-to-see right here in Point State Park.

24:22 Sean and Victoria

Sean Collier jumps aboard with Vanessa St. Clair to discuss how immersive theater is changing the landscape of Pittsburgh arts. Co-founded in 2018, Vigilance Theater Group produces original works of immersive theater, and takes audience members on a wild ride as they interact and play with the performers throughout the production. Its newest venture, “Welcome to Moonside,” showcases a political thriller that involves ghosts of an otherworldly home. St. Clair plays “Eve,” one of a cast of nine local performers in the show, and you can catch her on the hit Amazon Prime show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel! The show will take place in the former Lava Lounge on East Carson Street. (It looks the same as ever!) It runs August 22 through September 8, so be sure to grab your tickets right away.

45:39 John Altdorfer

John Altdorfer joins Cruisin’ Tiki with his wife to reminisce of his past work experience with Rachael during its Fanfare days. Now a prominent photographer, Altdorfer talks about the art of photography and has been featured in various publications such as The New York TimesHuffington Post and National Geographic. Though he reveals the key elements to a great photo, he reveals comical, odd jobs that involve obituary photo shoots and a photogenic goldfish with soccer ball skills. You can find his work, booking opportunities and more by visiting the official J. Altdorfer Photography website.

01:02 Benny Faiella and Son, Matt

Formerly from The Jaggerz, Benny Faiella combines forces with his son to bring authentic, Italian-American music to the shores of Pittsburgh by serenading all to hear. Benny’s knowledge of music has been passed down to his son, and now the two perform throughout the Burgh for weddings, private events and more with their expertise of the mandolin. The Faiella’s bring great memories and anecdotes to the tiki, and as an added bonus, are available for bookings for you next big event!

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