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April 17, 2018

Welcome to the Ultimate House presented by Pittsburgh Magazine. The 4th powerhouse home project is minutes from Children’s Hospital on 4041 Liberty Avenue in Lawrenceville, includes a 3,000-square-foot penthouse, condominiums and commercial space with a plethora of sponsors to showcase what a luxury home looks like. Plus, John and Rachael get to roll out the welcome mat to a free-ticket winner, architect David Roth, as well as Pittsburgh Business Show coordinator, Linda Jo Thornberg, who gives a preview of what to expect next week at the highly anticipated show at the convention center, and Pgh Mag’s Food Editor, Hal B. Klein checks out the magazine’s powerhouse and chats it up with us also! A mid-week visit from gold medal champ, Amanda Kessel warranted some discussion.

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Total Sports Enterprises will be at the Pgh Business Show next week for two days of bidding to benefit Junior Achievement. Stop at the Business Show to network with vendors and experience B2B opportunities in an intimate setting. TSE will be available at the entrance and throughout the expo with unique sports pieces available to take home to the highest bidder and benefiting our friends at Junior Achievement. Visit next week to start bidding online!

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01:02 Opening

Winner of our tax preparer DeTox-DeTax day at ESSpa Kozmetica is: Missy Gustafson who was nominated by Becky Willis of

06:14 Pittsburgh Magazine

Associate Editor and dining critic, Hal B. Klein and Pittsburgh’s Jazz Architect David Roth (Downtown Design) went through the house with us. What are their thoughts? Does Hal actually cook? David is working trying to change the uptown neighborhood for the better. But what is their one “to do” at their houses that they haven’t gotten to.

27:55 Linda Jo and Bryan Thornberg

Creators of the Pittsburgh Business Show…why should you be attending this on April 25-26?

42:29 Women’s Hockey Olympic Gold Medal Winner

Amanda Kessel stopped at TSE for a public autograph signing. So, we had to ask her about sibling rivalry and how she started liking hockey.

50:55 Remember to visit the Pittsburgh Magazine Ultimate House

Get the details and order your tickets here. Ticket sales go to the Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund.

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