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Live From the Pittsburgh Party Pedaler

June 21, 2016

We grab our recording stuff and go to the Pittsburgh Party Pedaler with a cooler full of ice and “lemonade.” Comedian and “Puck Off” Podcast co-host, Joe Bartnik comes on the ride with Pittsburgh comedians, Andy Picarro, Collin Chamberlin, and Matt Light. We’re talking about the time Matt Light took out Joe on the ice and made him bleed! The Food Tasters joined us for the ride and, when we took a pedaling break in Market Square, we pigged out at Pizziaola Primo and talked to pizza maker, Kevin Konn. MORE LEMONADE PLEASE!

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We are on the Pittsburgh Party Pedaler and Well, It was a BLAST! Meet all of our riders some pedaling and some not Tasha from the Food Tasters pedaling away and tells us about the upcoming Cirque de Solei show Toruk and some great places to eat while you’re in downtown Pizzaiolo Primo Nine On Nine Proper Brick Oven Enter to win on The Food Tasters website) Another Giveaway Tickets to “Toruk” on opening night, Wednesday, June 22nd Click HERE to enter to win!


Comedian Joe Bartnick from the “Puck Off” podcast. We interview him in between all of the screams back and forth between the people on the streets.


This is when it starts to get NUTZ! We are joined by comedians Matt Light, Collin Chamberlin, and Andy Picarro who played hockey with Joe on his last trip to Pittsburgh and, someone took him out at the legs!
At some point, Craig and I lose complete control of the mics, and Andy, Collin, and Joe have at it.
Andy and Collin’s “Unhealthy Scratch” Hockey Podcast (as Andy says, two guys who are too fat to play hockey)


Kevin Konn, certified Vera Pizza Napoletana pizza maker at Pizzaiolo Primo at Market Square. Kevin, Casey, and their staff, along with Tasha from The Food Tasters made sure every one of our Pittsburgh Party Pedaler guests had a happy stomach before pedaling back to the garage!

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