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#YaJagoff Podcast

YaJagoff Podcast 700?? Closing Out Podcast 100

February 9, 2018

It’s Friday.. or FriDEE as one might say in Pittsburghese. 

 Today, we promise to stop talking about the 100th Episode stuff and start to move on to the upcoming 700 podcasts all the way to episode 1,000, even though the 100th was so memorable thanks to so much support!

 John: We have had a chance to do some cool things, meet some great people, have some awesome life experiences because of the podcast.  Looking forward to NOT sitting on our hands, not getting any sleep and pushing the podcast to the point that we get our own … well… podcast truck….and pile of daily dark chocolates and fresh pizzas. But seriously, thanks to all who subscribe, download and listen to the videos and the podcast that we post here.

Rachael: We are not intimating a go fund me for a mobile podcast truck that shows up at fun events so we can narrate the fun, kind of like a cooler Wonder Years duo… but that is not a bad idea!  All kidding aside, we are fortunate to meet and cover the trendiest and most compelling of Pittsburghers and events, and we thank you for being interested enough for us to provide more!  We are enough ‘crazy’ to balance each other and keep plugging away at more interesting podcasts…complete with pretzel jello, twister and much more!