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YaJAgoff Late NIght

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoff Late Night Episode 7 Presented by Rohrich Automotive

November 27, 2023


It’s a thankful kind of Thanksgiving episode this week. We get to meet a special person in Rachael’s life. Sara Booz was Rachael’s mom’s live liver donor! We also get to meet Tony Caliguire who has been diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer. He’s been the subject of the Time with Tony vids and Cat Tedder treats us to her sound before her debut in the Not Your Average Holiday Parade, YaJagoff!


Thanks to Q92.9 for giving us a studio and a special thanks to Peoples Gas, call 811 before you dig into any kind of home project, it is the law. Dryer Vent Wizard takes the venting and lamenting out of cleaning your dryers—get that taken care of ya jagoff! Check out our where ya at videos with our jag braggers Tressa Glover, Marcus Cox and Monica Salazar thanks to Dryer Vent Wizard.





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Thanksgiving leftovers… which one will you NOT share?


Sara Booz is a local nurse. She understands healthcare… including the ramifications of having intense surgery like abdominal surgery… the healing, the rehab, etc. She’s also the mom of 2 kids and very active. What made her decide to be a live liver donor to Rachael’s mom whom she barely knew? The Community Liver Alliance.

Tony Caligure was diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer on December 14th, ’22.  He’ terminal and didn’t expect to live past March.  Since spring, Tony and John have been making weekly Time with Tony videos. What was the impetus for these videos?  How’s Tony doing?  What’s on his mind coming up to December 14th, his one-year diagnosis anniversary?

Monica’s mom, Marisella, and Monica. She’s in town and cooked us an unbelievable authentic Mexican meal. Monica is so thankful to have her in town and she’s so proud of the Mon!

412 Do’s is presented by Channing Powell of

Singer Cat Tedder is going to be on our Not Your Average Holiday Parade on December 2nd, but this is not her first time at The Block Northway. She’s sung national anthems all over town and wait until you hear the power of her voice!

Make sure you call 811 before you dig!!!!