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YaJagoff Late Night Podcast

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoff Late Night Episode 14 Presented by Rohrich Automotive

January 14, 2024


A Daughter’s Promise takes on a whole new meaning with Trib Live veteran writer Joanne Harrop, trust us you will need a tissue or two, as well as a glass or two of wine. Luckily The Indian Somm educates us on how to select, enjoy and even vacuum seal your wine of choice.  Jeremy and Angie from Discover the Burgh joined us in the studio to talk restaurants we gotta try, and Brandon Payne gives another great performance as well as some handwarmers for our junk drawer…from 1996.


Thanks to Q92.9 for giving us a studio and a special thanks to Peoples Gas, call 811 before you dig into any kind of home project, it is the law. Dryer Vent Wizard takes the venting and lamenting out of cleaning your dryers—get that taken care of ya jagoff! Check out our where ya at videos with our jag braggers Tressa Glover, Marcus Cox and Monica Salazar thanks to Dryer Vent Wizard.





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What is your go-to cold weather comfort food?


Joanne Harrop: Fashion and features come easy to JoAnne, who has been a reporter for the Trib for more than 25 years. A graduate of Penn State University, she has received numerous awards for her work, most recently the story of her days in lockdown with her mother and received a National Edward R. Murrow Award for excellence in feature reporting. Now it is a relatable book birthed right here in the 412.

Kanika Rautju: The Indian Somm, is a first-generation “Indian Immigrant “on a mission to make wine education unpretentious, approachable and fun.” With over three years of experience, she’s had the privilege of exploring more than ten wine regions across the world. Her goal is to bring the world of wine to your table and for everyone to feel welcome.

Brandon Payne: Brandon started playing percussion in high school but put down the sticks and focused on his guitar playing. He plays both cover songs and original music, and is often compared to Zach Bryan, and can be found most often at Helltown in the Strip District.

Kenny Pick-it: John and Rach created a makeshift decisionmaker called Kenny Pickett-which is KP on a stick. Our musicians decide their favorite, this or that.

Tonight we are wine connoisseurs, are we fine wine jags or box wine jags? Brandon is a Spanish wine guy!

Thanks to Jared Wickerham for the Kenny Pickett choosing stick.

412 Dos: Angie and Jeremy of Discover the Burgh were live in studio and since it is dry January, they hit us up with some new places to simply nosh.


Make sure you call 811 before you dig!!!!