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Winfluence Webinar With Author Jason Falls, February 11, 2021

Jason Falls, Winfluence Webinar

YaJagoff Media invites you to be “WINfluenced” with the highly-anticipated webinar featuring marketing guru, Jason Falls, who is NOT a jagoff, but has many Pittsburgh connections. Falls is an internationally recognized keynote speaker and author specializing in digital/social media strategies.

Jason FallsJason’s presentation and new book, “Winfluence – Reframing Influencer Marketing to Ignite Your Brand,” will help you make, and keep, 2021 marketing strategy decisions.

Winfluence by Jason Falls

Whether the smallest of small businesses, a large brand, or even non-profit organization looking to utilize “social media influencers” in marketing strategies, this webinar will suit you well.

How do you evaluate the value or the potential effectiveness of these influencers? Their follow? Their likes? Your emotional attachment to them? Register!

Are you an influencer or hoping to influence a brand? Jason will enlighten you on how to gain realistic success?




SPECIAL ALERT!!!!! $10 fee for the first 40 registrants thanks to Rohrich Automotive. Jason will ship a signed copy of the book directly to you.  You’ll also receive a $10 Wahlburgers gift card so you can lunch AND learn on Winfluence day. (Mailed prior to webinar.)

After 40 registrations, the cost is $30 and includes a signed copy of the book shipped directly to you. Wahlburgers gift card not included.

Register me now on Eventbrite!

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