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#YaJagoff Podcast

Tribute to an Awesome, Wife, Mother, Friend & Coworker

February 2, 2018

Last night, we recorded the 100th YaJagoff Podcast Episode Party as next week’s podcast episode.  It was recorded at The Foundry Table & Tap on the North Shore in front of friends and blog followers who took the time to come out and have some fun with us…. including playing Fort Pitt Twister and the no-hands strawberry-pretzel-jello-salad eating game. The episode will post next Tuesday if you want to listen.

This is the part where it gets a little sticky because, Rachael Rennebeck, podcast co-host, co-worker in marketing endeavors and dear friend would say she doesn’t do things for recognition nor would she want any recognition for how she pulled last night’s logistics together.

However, none of it… connections to The Foundry Table & Tap Restaurant, to Ole Smoky Distillery who created the special drink of the night, the connection to Entercom Communications (formerly CBS Radio Pittsburgh), the night’s activities, the number of guests, the collection of VIPs, solicitation of video salutations from people like Santonio Holmes and the settling of my craziness when I said “nobody will come to something like this,” would have happened without the unselfish, persistent, some-times-operating-on-2-hours-of-sleep work of Rachael.  A 4,000-word blog post would not describe the effort, lack of sleep and attention to detail that she invested into this event.

But who would be surprised about her work ethic and effort that went into this event because this is exactly how she works every day on EVERYTHING… all in, 100% faithful to the cause!  There is never a “no” or a “this can’t be done” in her mind. I witness this constantly when we work on various marketing projects, client events and when she’s working on family fundraisers/projects, meals and laundry at home.

On top of that, she juggles laundry, meals, activities favors for friends and family like an expert juggler rotating 150 apples into the air successfully. This is not to say that she doesn’t have help at home, I’m simply highlighting HER for this blog post.

She  could not be a better working partner but, more importantly, as I have found out from getting to know her and her family over the past 2 years, could not be a more respected and respectful wife, mother, daughter, cousin, aunt and friend to many. The wife, mother and daughter part being the most important roles to her as her family is her single most priority. Once again… 100% dedicated.

Rachael, I know that you hate public recognition but, with the culmination of last night’s activities, there seemed to be no better time than right now to recognize (to more than those just the folks that packed the Foundry last night) what a fantastic, dedicated, genuinely good person you are. Please accept the recognition because, everyone who knows YOU, knows that you deserve the recognition and nothing less than all of our respect and dedication in return.

My most sincerest thanks for organizing last night’s celebration but, even more importantly, thanks for what you do and how you conduct yourself personally and professionally every day.